Swim with Sealife at Home with Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s Live Cams

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Have you ever dreamed of swimming with sea life? While you might be stuck at home right now, you can distract your cabin fever with a (free!) up-close encounter with the aquatic animals at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. That’s right, you can explore under the sea from your couch.

This top Florida aquarium has a collection of live cams, where it’s possible to spot sea turtles, dolphins and otters living their best life and going about their day.


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Clearwater Marine Aquarium

While you’re on the site, learn about the aquarium’s strong dedication to the rehabilitation of aquatic life. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is famously home to Winter and Hope, the dolphins from the hit movie Dolphin Tale.

Observe Winter, who was caught in a crab trap when she was a couple of months old and isn’t able to survive in the wild, or watch Hope, who was rescued 5 years after Winter. There’s also PJ the dolphin, who is 30 years old and is partially deaf and blind and deemed unreleasable due to her medical issues. She lives with Winter and Hope in connected areas and are the cutest trio underwater.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

The Hideaway live cam is an oasis of tranquility, home to Harold, a turtle-actor who played a rescue sea turtle named Mavis in the movie Dolphin Tale 2. He’s got a few of his friends in there too, as the Hidaway is also home to Ula, Cupid, Madam, Stubby and Titus floating around too. See if you can spot the sleeping turtles. While turtles are air-breathers, they prefer to sleep on the floor of their exhibit because the rocks around them provide structure and safety. You might even catch a glimpse of other marine creatures in the Hidaway, including red fish, hogfish, tarpon and stingrays.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

There’s also a dedicated live otter cam that highlights the aquarium’s playful North American river otters, who are adorable creatures to observe. Make sure to say hello to river otters Walle and Boomer!

Lastly, there’s a pelican cam that lets you admire the adventures of the aquarium’s great white pelicans. The new habitat is home to Ricky, Skylar, Matthew and Tyndall, and even Ricky, who played the part of Rufus in Dolphin Tale.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Clearwater Beach

The live cams at Clearwater Marine Aquarium offer avid animal lovers the chance for some at-home adventures, and a chance for the entire family to take a trip under the sea. Take a break from streaming Netflix and watch these curious animals explore their aquatic homes in Clearwater.

Make sure to browse the site and see other animals at the aquarium you can visit when the Clearwater Marine Aquarium re-opens, like the two nurse sharks called Thelma and Louise in Shark Pass. Get kids excited about Shipwreck Alley’s underwater viewing tunnel, the Sea Cavern with kid-friendly touch tanks and the aquarium’s interactive stingray feedings.

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