Not your average vacation stop, but the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Museum in Atlanta offers a peek into the history and modern science of disease. While definitely making us want to sport a HAZMAT suite upon entry, it’s actually a fun, educational, intriguing place to visit in Atlanta.


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The David J. Sencer CDC Museum is literally at the CDC Headquarters, which is often referenced in science apocalyptic-ish tv shows. Associated with Smithsonian, exhibits are detailed and engaging. Built to honor the 50th anniversary of the center, the grand opening was also aimed to line up with the Olympics in 1996.


Some exhibits come and go to align with the current works at the center—four displays are temporary, so there’s always a reason to come back for another tour. A look into refugee health, an artist’s take on our plastic waste issues and a detailed explanation on how modern humanitarian efforts are making a better America are topics moving into the museum in the near future.

Visiting the museum can provide useful information on modern health topics. You’ll get a glimpse not only into past diseases, but you’ll see how the CDC has been able to tackle major health issues over the years, which is pretty comforting!

CDC Museum Information:
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