Colorado’s mountainous terrain is home to a number of underground caves. Some caves in the state have become major tourists attractions where cave tours are hosted regularly. However, if you’re looking for a free cave to explore or even a spot to simply relax in an underground steam bath, then there is a cave on this list for you. Discover Colorado’s underground beauty by visiting these 5 best caves to visit in the state.


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Glenwood Caverns Glenwood Caverns
Glenwood Caverns

Glenwood Caverns (Nearby Hotels)

Glenwood Caverns is among the most popular caves to visit in the state. Located at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, the cave here spans more than three miles and has rooms as high as 50 feet. Also referred to as Fairy Caves, the caves here were discovered in the 19th century. Now there is a fee to enter the caves, but with three different guided tours to choose from, it is worth the price. Don’t miss out on the other attractions also offered at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, such as the alpine coaster, laser tag or climbing wall.

Cave of the Winds Cave of the Winds Mountain Park
Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Cave of the Winds (Nearby Hotels)

Head to Manitou Springs to explore this incredible cave. Cave of the Winds is another popular tourist attraction in the state. The cave was actually open to tourists as early as the 1880s. With 20 different rooms and two miles of underground caverns, Cave of the Winds is a magnificent underground world. With three different cave tours offered, such as a lantern tour and an in-depth Caving 101 tour, there is a tour perfect for all abilities. Cave of the Winds, similar to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, also has thrilling rides like a zipline, challenge course, and canyon rides.

Fulford Cave Fulford Cave
Fulford Cave

Fulford Cave (Nearby Hotels)

Unlike Glenwood Caverns and Cave of the Winds, this cave is free to the public. Fulford Cave, located near the town of Eagle, is found in the White River National Forest. There is a short hike to reach Fulford Cave, which is about a mile out and back. Since there are no guided tours offered here, do explore the cave at your own risk. However, the cave is easy to explore and is about a mile in length. Do keep in mind that the cave is 42 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, therefore it makes a great way to cool off during the summer months. There are three entrances to the Fulford Cave, but the culvert entrance is the most popular. This cave requires a permit before exploration so be sure to do your research!

Rifle Mountain and Rifle Falls Rifle Falls State Park
Rifle Falls State Park

Rifle Mountain and Rifle Falls (Nearby Hotels)

The town of Rifle, Colorado is home to two spots to explore caves, Rifle Mountain and Rifle Falls. The caves at Rifle Falls, located in Rifle Falls State Park, are home to three different bat species, so be courteous of these nocturnal creatures if you do want to explore the caves here. These caves make for a picturesque place no matter if you visit during the winter or the summer. And just a few miles down the road is Rifle Mountain Park, which is also home to caves. The caves here are popular during the winter when they turn into ice caves.

Yampah Vapor Cave Yampah Vapor Cave
Yampah Vapor Cave

Yampah Vapor Cave (Nearby Hotels)

Yampah Vapor Cave is a unique cave found in Glenwood Springs. This cave, which is the main attraction to Yampah Spa & Salon, is an underground oasis that stays at 110 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Admission is required to enter this cave located at the spa. However if you’re looking for a steamy place to quietly relax, then this warm underground cave is the place to go. The city of Glenwood Springs is known for its natural hot springs, and the Yampah Vapor Cave remains so hot because of the natural mineral waters found in the area. This natural cave environment is a steam bath like no other.

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