Vegan lifestyles are more abundant these days, with many opting to remove animal-based products from their lives. This means no meat, cheese, or wearing leather. While seemingly daunting, innovation in plant-based cooking has made many vegan-friendly destinations popular around the world. Restaurants in Atlanta are totally on board, with many of the top eateries in the city proving that basically any dish can be vegan-ized, and might not only taste just as good but can even be better! These are the best places in Atlanta to tickle your plant-based taste buds.


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Herban Fix Herban Fix Dining Room
Herban Fix Dining Room

Herban Fix

Diners love this Asian focused vegan restaurant so much that some have been convinced to go meatless because their eyes are opened through the Taiwanese chef’s incredible creations. A nice balance between casual and upscale, Herban Fix is optimal for a quick bite or a relaxed evening out. Inventive ingredients are used to make both light and more indulgent dishes, from garden wraps with shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts, to traditional Pad Thai with tofu.

Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan
Credit: Viva La Vegan
Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan is simple, serving basic American fare and is impressive in both presentation and taste. Chow down on chili fries, po boys, Philly cheese steaks and burgers, all with a vegan twist of course. A meal at this laid-back little joint definitely won’t feel like meatless eating. Actually, it may feel like something to feel guilty about, but don’t!

Cafe Sunflower Buckhead Vegan salad Cafe Sunflower
Vegan salad Cafe Sunflower

Cafe Sunflower Buckhead

Cafe Sunflower feels like the typical spot to grab a tasty brunch, or other classic cafe fare, but without the animal products. Totally nailing the substitution game, vegans can indulge in biscuits and gravy, tofu benedict, chicken wings with blue cheese dressing, cakes and creative cocktails. Eating gluten free and vegan simultaneously can be a challenge, and they have those bases covered as well.

Healthful Essence Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant Healthful Essence Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant
Healthful Essence Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

Healthful Essence Caribbean Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

Who doesn’t crave the occasional island meal? Healthful Essence holds on to the authenticity of Caribbean cuisine and atmosphere while offering a clever, fully plant-based menu. Meals are budget-friendly and are generous in portions. Onion steaks, squash and plantains all spiced and curried in a variation of ways is certainly a fun way to change things up on a restrictive diet. Don’t forget to try out their cookies or raw selections of foods such as the quiche.

Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe
Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe

Tassili’s Raw Reality Cafe

Expect to be taking Instagram shots of the gorgeous dishes overflowing with marinated kale and veggies. The lovely little nook with outdoor seating for all those spring and summer days focuses on a hyper-healthy, hyper delicious menu of salads, snacks, and of course those beautiful nutritious wraps. Whole wheat or gluten-free coconut wraps can be filled with things like soy, the signature spicy kale salad, avocado, tomato and so on. African cakes, kale chips, guacamole and gluten-free brownies are amongst other mouthwatering menu items.

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant Soul Vegetarian greens, mac and cheese and yams
Credit: Soul Vegetarian
Soul Vegetarian greens, mac and cheese and yams

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

Anyone from Atlanta likely craves real southern soul food—it’s iconic cuisine that vegans don’t have to miss out on. Staples like cornbread, mac and cheese, cooked greens, butter almond cake, yams and barbecue grace the menu (breakfast is excellent as well). Lunch specials are touted as being a pretty sweet deal if looking to fit vegan eating into a tight budget. A surprising addition to Soul Vegetarian Restaurant is their juice bar offering a variety of nutritional concoctions.

Arepa Mia Arepas at Arepa Mia
Arepas at Arepa Mia

Arepa Mia

Sure, we see a lot of Mexican, Italian, Greek and Asian food, but not too commonly Venezuelan. If you haven’t tried this specific Latin American cuisine, you’re missing out, and trying it vegan style at Arepa Mia’s quaint serve counter in Atlanta’s Municipal Market, or their Avondale estates location, is an awesome decision. Bold, spicy and typically gluten free, the wallet-friendly selections fit into just about any lifestyle. Arepas are traditional corn patties filled with pork, chicken and other spicy meats, but of course the meat part is nixed here.

True Food Kitchen Quinoa Sandwich at True Food Kitchen
Quinoa Sandwich at True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen

Typical mall food isn’t considered to be the best of the best, nor the healthiest, but True Food Kitchen at Lenox Mall in Atlanta is redefining the stigma—there’s also an Alpharetta location set to open in spring 2020. An overwhelming smell of tasty spices and garlic envelope the nostrils upon entry, and it’s heavenly. True Food Kitchen focuses on a few key diets—organic, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free. However all food is healthy, seasonal and sustainable. The menu rotates, but expect of variety of veggie based dishes like squash casserole, grass fed burgers, tempeh B.L.T.’s with avocado and many other clean takes on classics.

Slutty Vegan ATL Slutty Vegan burger
Slutty Vegan burger

Slutty Vegan ATL

Well, the name certainly grabs one’s attention. We’re assuming the play on words has something to do with the fact that they cultivate these fully vegan plates while making them seem way more indulgent then they are. Those burgers would definitely look risqué amongst typical vegan eats towering with lettuce, two patties and slathered in sauce – customers say these beat out real meat. Meatless cheesesteaks, bratwursts on pretzel buns, Poboys and other naughty sandwiches make this one worth a trip.

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