7 Best Travel Hammocks on Amazon

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If you’ve used a hammock before, you know exactly why they have a popularity that borders on becoming a cult. If you haven’t used a hammock, you probably know someone whose love of hammocks could be mistaken as a fanaticism. Let us put in plain words why this dedication to the simple innovation of the hammock exists.

Imagine being in one of the most beautiful spots on earth—perhaps by a crashing waterfall that quickly turns into a peacefully gurgling stream. The sun is peeking through the trees, the breeze is gentle and cool, and you’re surrounded by some of your best friends in the world. Sounds great, right? Now imagine being cradled by an angel made of down comforters.

That’s what a hammock can do for you. It can turn the best day into a heavenly experience. It can accentuate the good and dispel the bad. It really is the closest thing to manufactured happiness that science has created thus far. The best part? You can take one with you anywhere.

If that’s slightly overwhelming, we understand, which is why we’re here to help. Simply read below for your head start on finding the best travel hammocks on Amazon. Welcome to your new obsession—you’re welcome.


If you have friends who enjoy the outdoors, you’ve probably heard of the ENO brand. As far as hammocks go, these have a big following, but not without reason. They are incredibly compact, making them perfect for car camping, day hikes, backpacking, or even simple day trips to your favorite relaxation spot. Once you find the perfect location to hang your hammock, you can rest easy knowing that your hammock is constructed of the highest-quality materials—from the breathable fabric to the insanely strong carabiners. No detail has been overlooked on these hammocks!


If durability is your thing, MalloMe is your ideal hammock. Every seam—from the body of the hammock to the nearly unbreakable straps—is triple stitched to ensure security and long-lasting value. This particular model is extra-large, letting you and your significant other (or close friend or total stranger, we don’t judge) cuddle up with plenty of space.


If you’re looking for a hammock that is produced by a brand that has unlimited faith in itself and the quality of its products, look no further than Legit Camping. With gear designed to withstand anything the weather throws at it, Legit Camping’s double hammock is sure to stand the test of time and the trials of nature. As a testament to this dedication to durability, the company offers a lifetime warranty.


First things first—this name is both hilarious and endearing. We would buy this hammock based strictly off the name, but we won’t ask you to have that kind of loyalty just yet. Instead, consider the 1.5-pound packing weight of this two-person model. Take into account the 500-pound weight limit. Think of all the fun you could have frolicking about in this hammock built for two. Consider the fact it comes with everything you need to start enjoying it from the moment it’s opened. Have faith in the Bear Butt Double Hammock because it’s a daggum good product.


From the shape of the carabiners to the mounting methods, no detail of this hammock has been overlooked. In fact, the entire thing has been engineered for longevity and ease of use, ensuring that you will be enjoying this travel-worthy relaxation sling until the end of time (testing has not confirmed this, but it will last a really long time). With a name like Honest Outfitters, you better believe they stand behind their claims—if you don’t love the hammock, they’ll return your money within 5 hours. We don’t know how, but in the world of hammocks, anything is possible.


If it’s good enough for an owl, it’s good enough for us. Wise Owl Outfitters utilizes the same material found in parachutes to make their hammocks, meaning it’s super strong and durable. If it can stop a human falling from the sky, it can definitely hold one a few feet off the ground. Their hammocks also come equipped with everything you need to start enjoying them right away. All of this is packaged about the size of an eggplant. If you can’t visualize an eggplant, don’t worry. It’s small and light.


Once you reach your destination, you can set this hammock up and be relaxing in it in about 3 minutes. That sounds pretty ideal to us. The Winner Outfitters Double Hammock is also incredibly durable, from the hammock itself to all of the mounting elements. It even uses thicker ropes than many other brands to ensure they won’t fray or break. It’s function and practicality meeting relaxation in the middle, and the result is purely brilliant.

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