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Before your next family vacation, make sure you’ve remembered the essentials, and picked up a few extras for easier and more comfortable travel, for you and your kids too. With a few tricks up your sleeve, the right kid-approved travel accessories, comfortably kid-sized gear, and something entertaining for those long flights or car rides, you’ll make fun memories together no matter where your travels take you.

Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

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Get kids excited about upcoming travel plans with a brand new backpack in a design they’ll love. It’s a great way to make sure they stay organized and to mitigate disagreements. Each child has their own unique bag just for travel entertainment, filled with games, snacks, puzzles, and more. Having each child carry their own bag is also a way to help them limit the items they choose to bring along on trips; if it won’t fit in the bag, it has to wait at home for them to return. Include some sour candy for them to munch on; it’s especially helpful to snack during plane rides, as it helps prevent ears from popping uncomfortably during the pressure change.

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Polarized Suglasses

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Theme parks, beaches, even snowy mountains all involve hours outdoors in the sunshine, so help protect your kid’s eyes with these right-sized sunglasses. The attached strap helps keep them from being lost, and the sturdy construction means even an accidental (intentional) mishap won’t leave them shattered. A wide range of colors makes it easy to find just the right one for each child.

Nat Geo's Ultimate Atlas

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The quintessential summer road trip games of the past are bundled into National Geographic’s Ultimate Atlas, along with state maps, local history and roadside attractions, trivia, and beautiful photography of some of the nation’s most famous landmarks.

Travel Journal

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Teach older children the art of journaling and scrapbooking with this kid’s travel journal. Perfect for traveling to events with family history and stories, like weddings or reunions, or for visiting grandparents or other distant family members. Pair with a disposable camera, and let kids capture memories.     

Wrap Headphones

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Stop fighting with knotted and tangled headphones that don’t fit properly, are too loud, or cause ear pain and other issues. These soft headphones feature a low maximum volume protect children’s hearing, and unlike earbuds don’t have to be inserted into the ear. They’re also notably more comfortable for children with sensory issues or who dislike the compressing feeling of other large, over the ear style headphones. The soft wrap design is much more comfortable for longer wear. The bright patterns and fun designs make it a cinch to know which pair belongs to which child, and their vibrant colors help prevent them from being left behind by accident.

Travel Tray

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Perfectly sized for airplane travel, in a car seat, or to fit in the laps of older children, this rigid travel organizer expands play options for kids of all ages. The flat surface makes it a cinch to draw or color on car rides, or bring along Lego on a plane trip; the zip up pockets are a secure way to store those easily lost parts and pieces so they won’t end up lost forever under the back seat. It also makes a comfortable place to prop up tablets or books, easing wrist, eye, or neck strain during long trips.   

Travel Pillow Set

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Soft and cozy, this child-sized neck pillow is more comfortably sized for smaller bodies than adult-sized travel pillows. Great for long car trips or plane rides, the included eye mask lets kids live the first class life, even if they’re stuck in coach with mom or dad. The pillow and eye mask fit cozily into the included travel bag, and the zip off cover makes them easy to clean.

Camelbak Water Bottle

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Save on expensive drinks and snacks at airports, hotels, and theme parks by bringing refillable water bottles for each child. Camelbak designs are adorable, and many of them are gender neutral, like this beachy shark pattern perfect for summer vacations, or some ace pilot raccoons and mice to soothe the nerves of first-time flyers.

Kid's Kindle

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Before you leave, load up those devices with books, movies, music and more, so even the dullest, dreariest parts of traveling are more fun. Amazon’s kid-proof case and replacement guarantee- even for accidental damage- means this one will last much longer than their enthusiasm for that show their sibling hates.  

Disposable Camera

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The photos may not turn out professional grade, but kids see the world in a unique and fascinating way, and we should all take the time to get down on their level and look, listen, and touch the things that they feel are worth remembering. Help them make personalized scrapbooks with the photos they took after a vacation, and they’ll remember not just the trip, but the time spent together.

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