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The words traveling and budget-friendly may not seem like they always go together. In fact, more often than not, the greatest travel gear comes with a pretty steep price tag. But we’ve got good news – it doesn’t have to be this way. You can, in fact, find budget-friendly travel accessories for an affordable price!

To prove this, we took it upon ourselves to find the best budget buys for all you travelers out there. Check out our list of travel gifts available on Amazon for under $10.

AutoMuko Seat Side Organizer

$19.99Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

This convenient accessory is designed with travelers looking for gadgets with multi-function features in mind. Durable and easy to use, this AutoMuko Seat Side Organizer is a budget travelers dream. For only $7.99, you’re equipped with a full efficiency bag that straps to

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Humangear GoTubb

$7.99Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

If you’re not keen on transporting giant bottles for your pills, vitamins, snacks, or even your change, then consider investing in Humangear Go Tubbs. These FDA food-safe and airplane carry-on approved containers are functional, easy-to-use, and incredibly durable. Want to open one? Simply squeeze the sides with one hand and the lid pops right off! They’re just $7.99 on Amazon right now!

Chap Lip Diversion Safe Stash Can

$12.95Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

Need a diversion for your important coins, cash, and more? Meet the Chap Lip Diversion Safe Stash Can. Looks like a lip balm case but acts like a secret compartment, this is a must-have travel accessory you didn’t even know you needed. The top is sealed, the bottom is removable, and the middle is all cleared out for you to store your valuable items. Tiny, compact, and effective, this might be the world’s smallest diversion safe!

Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger

$7.99Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

This is it — the pinnacle of phone charging reliability. As a traveler in a new place, having a form of communication is imperative, right? So, what happens when you can’t charge your phone because you don’t have the correct adapter? You’re normally pretty out of luck. With this adapter, you’ll be better connected than ever! It fits several version of iPhone, LG, and Samsung Galaxy, too.  It works in more than 150 countries!

Lewis N. Clark Wrinkle Wiz

$4.95Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

This might seem a little extra at first, but you never know when you need to look your best. That’s right, even weary travelers are required to get the wrinkles out of their clothes at some point. This 12-oz, TSA approved bottle is the iconic wrinkle and odor remover you’ve been dreaming of. It’s travel size; takes care of wrinkles, odor, and static cling all at once; and is the perfect solution for clothes that have been stuffed in the back of a suitcase!

UltraFire 7w 300lm Mini Cree LED Flashlight

$6.49Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

This flashlight is bright, adjustable, and has an output of about 300 lumens and it all comes packed inside a mini flashlight body. This waterproof flashlight is perfect for travel as it fits in convenient spots, has a skid-proof design, and is exceptionally durable. Never again be without light when you need it!

Cable Clips Cord Organizer

$6.97Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

On-the-go doesn’t have to equal unorganized. As a traveler, you probably value any item that can help you keep everything straight. That’s where the Cable Clips Cord Organizers come in. This helps to keep your wires out of your way, your headphones in place, and even has a peel-and-stick function that’s adhesive in 7 seconds or less (should you find yourself in a semi-permanent situation). Clutter be gone!

Hearos Ear Plugs

$3.99Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

Travel can be great, right? But it can be noisy, too! Whether you’re camping with a group of friends and just want a good night’s sleep or you’re packing into a busy airplane, the need for quiet can strike at any time. That’s where the Hearos Ear Plugs can help! Each package contains 28 ear plugs that are comprised of super soft foam. Designed for noise reduction, these super-soft plugs should help deafen even the loudest ride on an airplane!

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