A mix of historic landmarks, picturesque castles and a vibrant culture, Slovenia is a country that boasts natural beauty at every corner, from its beautiful coastline to the stunning Julian Alps. Explore Lake Bled and its cliffside medieval castle, admire Baroque facades in Ljubljana and climb the walls of the historic town of Piran. From enjoying outdoor pursuits to sipping delectable wine, here are the best things to do in Slovenia.


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Wander through Ljubljana’s old town Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Wander through Ljubljana’s old town

Stroll the pedestrian cobbled streets of Ljubljana’s old town, walk along the bridges that crisscross the river and discover cosy restaurants and bars sitting next to historic landmarks and cultural attractions. Don’t miss seeing the Ljubljana Castle standing guard on the cliff top, and if you’re up for an adventure, head to the top to admire stunning views of the city below while dining on regional specialties at the on-site cafe.

Discover the oddities in Metelkova Mesto  Metelkova Mesto
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Metelkova Mesto

Discover the oddities in Metelkova Mesto

To see one of the quirkiest corners of Slovenia, head to Ljubliana’s art district in Metelkova Mesto to find photo opportunities at every corner. Here you’ll find vivid murals that cover the walls, unique figurines that hang from window frames and car parts that come together like a piece of art. You can observe artists at work during the day, or visit at night to explore its collection of galleries and bars.

Explore Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave Postojna
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Explore Predjama Castle and Postojna Cave

If you want to see the iconic castle built into the side of a cliff, head to Predjama Castle. Built into the side of a cave, the Renaissance castle offers audio tours where you can learn about its history. The Postojna Cave boasts thousands of caves, 22 of which are open to the public, where you can take 90-minute tours to see its various caverns, halls and passages that were formed by the Pivka River.

Marvel at the views of Lake Bled Lake Bled
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Lake Bled

Marvel at the views of Lake Bled

One of the most visited attractions in Slovenia, Lake Bled is best seen from the island’s church. Rent a small boat and row to the island, then grab a gelato and admire the views of the brightly colored water. Ring the bell at the island’s church for good luck, explore Bled Castle, then return to Bled to indulge in a slice of traditional cream cake, which is the area’s signature pastry.

Connect with nature at Triglav National Park Triglav National Park
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Triglav National Park

Connect with nature at Triglav National Park

Outdoor enthusiasts will want to put Triglav National Park at the top of their Slovenia itinerary. Named after the country’s tallest mountain, it is considered a nature lover’s paradise with the opportunity to hike along the Soca River and marvel at the Julian Alps or spend an afternoon kayaking, rafting, skydiving or parasailing. Head to Mount Vogel via the cable car for beautiful panoramic views over Lake Bohinj.

Trek through Vintgar Gorge Vintgar Gorge
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Vintgar Gorge

Trek through Vintgar Gorge

Just a 10-minute drive away from Lake Bled sits Vintgar Gorge. You won’t find challenging hikes here, as its best explored on a leisurely stroll along the built-inn path where you can marvel at the brightly colored water from all angles and soak up the tranquil atmosphere. Walk around two miles through the countryside villages and lush forests to reach the wooden boardwalk that leads to Sum Waterfall.

Tour the Skocjan Caves Skocjan Caves
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Skocjan Caves

Tour the Skocjan Caves

For an activity off-the-beaten-track, head to the Skocjan Caves to explore its mysterious natural wonders. The system of limestone caves is enormous and features vivid colors, and is also home to an underground river where you can walk over on a 154-foot bridge. Admire its waterfalls and one of the largest known underground chambers, where collapsed dolines are up to 656-feet deep.

Climb the walls in Piran Piran
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Climb the walls in Piran

Visit the charming seaside village of Piran to discover a maze of cobblestone laneways, terracotta rooftops and quaint cafes. Climb up the town’s walls and look over the picturesque Old Town area, then walk to the lighthouse at the end of the peninsula. Sit down at one of the local restaurants and enjoy a fresh seafood dinner, where open-air restaurants serve the day’s catch.

Sip vino in Maribor Maribor
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Sip vino in Maribor

Wine lovers won’t want to miss a chance to sample local varieties in Maribor, a small town that wraps around the Drava River. You’ll find a collection of vineyards and wineries, and is also home to the world’s oldest grape-producing vine in the world that dates back to the 17th century. Sample the best wines of the Maribor region, then take a hike in the picturesque Pohorje Hills.

Pass by the herders’ huts at Velika Planina Velika Planina
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Velika Planina

Pass by the herders’ huts at Velika Planina

Escape the bustle of city life and head to Velika Planina, the mountainous region in the north of Slovenia. Here you’ll discover a community of herder’s that bring their flocks to graze on the summer pastures. Nature enthusiasts will be in their element along one of the scenic hikes found in the area, while you’ll also have the opportunity to taste fresh dairy products and admire unique architecture of the cottages.

See the salt fields in Secovlje Salina Nature Park Secovlje Salina Nature Park
Secovlje Salina Nature Park

See the salt fields in Secovlje Salina Nature Park

To experience one of the few places in the world where sea salt is still produced using a centuries-old method, head to Secovlje Salina Nature Park. You can walk along the park trails and see how salt is harvested manually by local workers. If you want to get pampered, book a massage and bath at a nearby spa to see how sea salt can be used to heal ailments.

Take a leap in Planica Nordic Center Planica Nordic Center
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Planica Nordic Center

Take a leap in Planica Nordic Center

Planica Nordic Center is home to the biggest ski jumping hill in the world. It’s the location for many important ski jumping competitions, while it also features an athletics stadium, wind tunnel and a variety of cycling and walking paths. Thrillseekers will delight at the adrenaline-pumping zipline, which has the steepest descent in the world, which creates the sensations that ski jumping champions feel when soaring through the air.

Browse exhibits in Kobarid Museum Kobarid Museum
Kobarid Museum

Browse exhibits in Kobarid Museum

Take a step back in time at the Kobarid Museum, which was created with the purpose of preserving the history of World War I in Slovenia. Many of the exhibits highlight the Soca Front, which was the most important front on the Slovenian territory in the Great War. Browse rooms showcasing photos, military charts, diaries and maps, then see the two large relief displays showing the front lines.

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