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Chefchaouen is a popular city in Morocco not terribly far from the very popular Fez, but you may otherwise know it as “that blue city”. The heart of the area, the medina, is blanketed in a coat of cobalt, which gives off a serenity of some sorts. Even residents aren’t exactly sure why or how the colorful makeover happened. So if coming to Northwest Morocco, come soak in the color, and the dramatic backdrop the Rif Mountains provide. Once here, these are some of the best things to do in Chefchaouen.


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Snap Some Instagram Shots Blue City
Blue City

Snap Some Instagram Shots

What Is It? Whether for Instagram or just personal enjoyment, there won’t be many opportunities in life to capture photos like these.

Why Do It? That moody hue, the sporadic placement of red and green pottery, humble folks just living their down to earth lives— Chefchaouen is a photographer’s heaven.

Good to Know: Calle Sidi Buchuka and Callejon el Asri are two of the most well-regarded streets for their photogenic attributes.

Cascades D'Akchour Cascades D'Akchour
Cascades D'Akchour

Cascades D'Akchour

What Is It? Cascades D’Akchour sits just outside Chefchaouen and is touted as a must-see site within the welcoming little haven.

Why Do It? With an easier lower falls hike, and a much more challenging upper falls hike, most people can enjoy some portion of the scenic river and cascades.

Good to Know: Be prepared, well-nourished and hydrated before taking on the difficult upper falls hike. Make sure to set transportation arrangements to your starting point in advance.

Hike to the Spanish Mosque Chefchaouen views
Chefchaouen views

Hike to the Spanish Mosque

What Is It? Perched on a hill overlooking the “blue pearl” city, Spanish Mosque stands with bright white, traditional architecture. Folks hike here to view Chefchaouen from above.

Why Do It? Relatively short, at about 30 minutes from old city medina, the hike could be labeled as ”easy”. Sunsets from the viewpoint couldn’t be more spectacular.

Good to Know: Many people do come at sunset as well, but if looking for peace and quiet, consider an earlier walk.

See the Kasbah Kasbah Museum
Kasbah Museum

See the Kasbah

What Is It? Kasbah Museum is part of Chefchaouen’s old town and houses gorgeous gardens, structures and displays.

Why Do It? The old fortress walls are a significant part of history.

Good to Know: From the tower, one can see an entirely different view of not just the medina, but the surrounding mountains.

Chefchaouen Cemetery Cemetery

Chefchaouen Cemetery

What Is It? Chefchaouen Cemetery offers a glimpse into the past. It’s simple and unnoticed by some.

Why Do It? When drifting through the path that runs through the cemetery, it’s hard not to feel closer to the culture, and those that live here.

Good to Know: Travelers note that this could be an add on stop to a walk up to the mosque.

Eat Moroccan Cuisine Moroccan food
Moroccan food

Eat Moroccan Cuisine

What Is It? Restaurante El Jaleo is nestled near the river and a waterfall. Here you can enjoy classic Moroccan dishes for reasonable prices.

Why Do It? Exceptionally cozy, with a touch of refinement, eating here feels like you are doing something extra special.

Good to Know: The robust eggplant lasagna is a beloved dish by all who try it. Kids are welcomed warmly as well, so it’s a good family pick.

Try a Crepe Crepe

Try a Crepe

What Is It? Toda Creperie and Ice Cream is a small little counter that serves up sweets of all sorts, like smoothies and Nutella drenched crepe wraps.

Why Do It? Who would’ve thought some of the best crepes travelers have ever had would come from this modest establishment? Indulge in savory options with hearty turkey, then round it out with one coated in nuts and chocolate.

Good to Know: You’ll find the owner to be just as sweet as her tasty creations. Everyone in Chefchaouen is so warm, helpful and just happy to see you.

Stay at Hotel Sandra Hotel Sandra
Credit: Hotel Sandra
Hotel Sandra

Stay at Hotel Sandra

What Is It? Hotel Sandra provides more bed and breakfast style accommodations, with tiny rooms full of character, a coffee shop and a rooftop lounge perfect for socializing.

Why Do It? Staying here is an extension of the Chefchaouen, and Moroccan, experience. The location, structure details and incomparable friendliness will make memories of a lifetime.

Good to Know: Bathrooms are shared, but always sparkling clean. Breakfast is prepared fresh by the owners each morning.

Hike to Ras El Maa Ras El Maa
Ras El Maa

Hike to Ras El Maa

What Is It? Ras El Maa is a small cluster of waterfalls that are connected to the river that grazes the medina. A spring feeds the river.

Why Do It? Walking from town to the actual cascades takes only 20 minutes or so, and it’s a very relaxing, wandering walk.

Good to Know: The modest water features are unique in their own right and a great way to explore the area.

Walk the Medina Medina

Walk the Medina

What Is It? Having already mentioned many of the aspects that make the medina special, we will leave you with this. There is simply nothing better to do in this mesmerizing destination, than to just meander.

Why Do It? You’ll likely discover vibrant shops, super sweet people, and most undoubtedly one of the countless authentic eateries.

Good to Know: The medina can seem somewhat like a maze, and while locals are happy to point you in the right direction, a map would be a solid purchase.