Cap d’Agde is a resort area near the southern France town of Agde, where travelers come from far and wide to experience volcanic beaches, scenic overlooks, interactive attractions and history. Families will find the destination to be optimal for their kids, while there’s more adult-themed fun in tucked-away spaces. Cap d’Agde is genuinely a getaway for all, and it’s also close to other significant French havens. Planning on a visit? These are the top things to do, just to get you started.


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Aqualand Cap D'Agde Aqualand

Aqualand Cap D'Agde

Aqualand Cap D’Agde is a waterpark with slides that snake from side to side and plummet from great heights—on some, friends can have a good ole fashioned race. Plenty of playgrounds with spouting h20 and surrounding splash areas are around for smaller park-goers, and the ginormous pool is a place to just kick back and soak up that French sun. Green lawn simultaneously stretches throughout, and you’ll see sunbathers just toss there towel down about anywhere, to chill.

Ephèbe Museum Museum retrieval expedition
Museum retrieval expedition

Ephèbe Museum

Ephèbe Museum displays collections of artifacts that were found submerged underwater at various points. Some magnificent sculptures that are gloriously situated in the historically interesting museum are well-known art masterpieces, that can again be enjoyed by generations to come. Even items such as simplistic pots are true treasures, and visitors note this is a way to retrace the city’s past. Highly rated, folks would be missing out to pass over the archeological wonders of Ephèbe.

Dino World Dino World
Credit: Dino World
Dino World

Dino World

Take the kids back to the prehistoric times at Dino World, formerly known as Dinoland, which features a handful of fun day activities for all ages. Browse the realistic dinosaur figures, complete with informational plaques about each species, or polish your mini-golf skills on the themed course. Kids can also jump sky-high on the trampolines, or cool off on a hot day at the splash pad accented with even more fun creatures.

Luna Park Luna Park
Luna Park

Luna Park

In the mood to go to the fair? Luna Park provides a fun carnival experience in Cap d’Agde, complete with all the traditional rides we’ve come to love at western versions. Even simplistic roller coasters zip around, along with pendulum style attractions and kiddie rides. Luna Park rounds it all out with food stands that sell a variety of snack goodies. Catch them on a day when rides are half price!

Aquarium Marin du Cap d'Agde Aquarium

Aquarium Marin du Cap d'Agde

Aquarium Marin du Cap d’Agde is a wonderful establishment to visit on a rainy day. Small tanks of fish, sharks and other sea life are situated in a relatively small area but are beautifully maintained. Kids and adults can enjoy the vibrant hues of aquatic foliage along with an array of species, and if you can read French, signage allows one to delve more deeply.

Plage de la Grande Conque Grande Conque
Grande Conque

Plage de la Grande Conque

Plage de la Grande Conque is one of the more visually dramatic beaches in Cap d’Agde, because of the volcanic rock that has formed into large figures, and the unusual black sand. Photographers come to capture the landscape, while others just enjoy a sunset walk. The surrounding waters are often snorkeled by people hoping to see some of the native ocean creatures, or just underwater foliage.

Casino Barriere Casino eats
Casino eats

Casino Barriere

Casino Barriere is only part of the lovely night and social scene in Cap d’Agde, and features a few solid gambling games from three blackjack tables, to slot machines. Heightening the appeal of the casino is the chef-driven restaurant, which serves well-balanced pasta and seafood dishes, along with previous casino theme desserts. While not the highest rated place in the area, the fun combination is certainly alluring.

Cap d’Agde Naturist Village Cap d'Agde
Cap d'Agde

Cap d’Agde Naturist Village

Get ready to let it all hang loose, literally, at the Cap d’Agde naturist village. Here you can fully immerse in the nudist experience, as the entire village is designed for folks to bare it all. Ever been to a supermarket, where everyone is in their birthday suit? Yeah, it’s an interesting thought. Naturists have it all here, from campsites, nightclubs and beautiful beaches—guests note that there’s a pure vibe, that just lets people feel free.

Hérault Méditerranée Hérault Méditerranée
Hérault Méditerranée

Hérault Méditerranée

Hérault Méditerranée is a wine-growing region, just minutes from the heart of Cap d’Agde. Numerous varietals are produced from the region’s scenic rolling vineyards, many of which are organic, biodynamic and absolutely sustainable. Not only is this particular area jaw-dropping, but it’s also wine scene extends entirely through Cap d’Agde, with multitudes of wineries offering tasting and bottles for enjoying alone or with fine cuisine. Come every May, a renowned open-air wine festival is available to all.

La Pointe du Cap d’Agde Overlook

La Pointe du Cap d’Agde

La Pointe du Cap d’Agde is an observation point that is ideal for just soaking in the surrounding black sand and ocean. Getting to the lookout is easy and serene. Be it a solo walk or a journey you take with a fellow traveler, this is just one of those magical spots to most definitely visit.

Stay at a Beautiful Hotel Murcure

Stay at a Beautiful Hotel

Mercure Golf Cap d’Agde is just one of the sleek places to stay in Cap d’Agde, and it offers a contemporary appeal along with numerous amenities. Walk to major attractions such as the water park, or stay onsite and treat yourself to a spa day. A gym, great restaurant and a wine cellar are just a few of the additional perks this particular hotel has to offer.

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