The taco game in Atlanta is no joke, as the city boasts a diverse food scene. You’ll find a wide selection of places to munch on these boldly filled tortillas. Just a warning, Taco Bell will forever be ruined for you. Speeding ahead of many U.S. cities, Atlanta will surprise most taco enthusiasts with its vast and creative offerings. Forget just heading out on Taco Tuesday, every day is taco day when eating at any of these top taco joints in Atlanta.


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Rreal Tacos Rreal Tacos
Rreal Tacos

Rreal Tacos (Nearby Hotels)

Rreal Tacos uses local ingredients to create their signature taco variations, and out-of-the-box sides, like the crisp avocado slices with gluten-free, light breading, and a peppery cilantro dipping sauce. Chorizo spiced fried garbanzos and the house-crafted aqua frescas are noteworthy as well. But the tacos are street style with zingy ingredients like adobo marinated chicken, smoked peppers and sustainable fish, double wrapped in a warm corn tortilla. Inside is bright with lots of neon orange and green, with little touches of Mexico flare here and there.

The Original El Taco El Taco ATL
El Taco ATL

The Original El Taco (Nearby Hotels)

The Original El Taco is a warm, sultry establishment off North Highland Avenue, and they are best known for tacos and other dishes that defy tradition, ever so slightly. Fried chicken or mushroom tacos with crazy toppings like creamed corn, pineapple slaw and caper mayo make for outstanding combinations that will blow your mind. Taco Tuesday will never be the same. Other interesting selections include the El Short Stack with stacked corn tortillas, black beans, red and green sauce, Mexican cheese and a sunny-side-up egg, or the Salt Cod Fritters made with potatoes and flavored delicately with chipotle honey and cotija cheese. Margaritas are made with fresh juice, with the good ole “house” mix remaining a favorite.

Tacos La Villa Tacos La Villa
Credit: Tacos La Villa
Tacos La Villa

Tacos La Villa (Nearby Hotels)

Tacos La Villa sets humbly in a little shopping center along the outskirts of the city, in Smyrna. Inside is simple, prices are phenomenal, and of course, the food is superbly authentic. Tacos are street style, with lots of bold marinated meats and a double-wrapped corn tortilla exterior. Burritos, tamales, chimichangas and super spicy salsas bring in hefty lunch lines, which thankfully move super fast.

Mi Barrio Mexican Restaurant Mi Barrio
Mi Barrio

Mi Barrio Mexican Restaurant (Nearby Hotels)

Tucked along Memorial Drive near Grant Park, Mi Barrio Mexican Restaurant exudes a funky red exterior and adorably old fashioned interior. The family-run joint nails the authentic taco, but customers also return for the killer gorditas, homemade chips and margaritas. It’s totally bare-bones, but all of the food selections make up for it. Overall, it’s just a genuine experience, and most just fall in love with it after the first visit.

Taqueria De Sol Taqueria del Sol
Taqueria del Sol

Taqueria De Sol (Nearby Hotels)

Taqueria De Sol feels a bit more commercial, but don’t be fooled. As soon as you bite into the flour tortilla wrapped Memphis taco with smoky pork, jalapeño coleslaw and tequila BBQ sauce, you’ll see why this ranks as one of the best places to gorge on tacos. Other variations include fish, brisket, fried chicken, carnitas and veggie. The rest of the menu remains pretty simple, but with southern turnip greens as a tasty side option. Several locations for the local chain are sprinkled through the city, from Decatur to Cheshire Bridge.

bartaco bartaco

bartaco (Nearby Hotels)

bartaco has a fresh spin on modern cuisine, with some interesting eats and craft cocktails alongside the extensive taco section on the menu. While not exclusively an Atlanta, or Georgia chain, it still is refreshingly worthy of the list. Plantains, gazpacho and duck quesadillas introduce the interesting menu flare in the appetizer section. Are you feeling the funky vibes yet? More on the unique side of the taco game are the duck, falafel, portobello and tuna tatako options, and they are all heavenly. Keto dieters can opt for a Bibb lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla, or you can go for a cauliflower rice bowl.

Takorea Takorea

Takorea (Nearby Hotels)

Takorea is a fusion restaurant of, you guessed it, tacos and Korean fare. The combination is sublime, as ingredients like soy-sesame vinaigrette collide with spiced chicken, beef, tofu and so on. Korean side dishes such as mung bean sprouts, kimchi, sesame spinach and soy pickled chilies seamlessly pair with each corn tortilla wrapped creation. We love the kimchi rice and gogi nachos too! It’s a match made in heaven.

El Rey Del Taco El Rey Del Taco
Credit: El Rey Del Taco
El Rey Del Taco

El Rey Del Taco (Nearby Hotels)

Buford Highway is not just known for its cornucopia of tried an true Asian eateries, the Hispanic influence on the food scene is quite prevalent as well. El Rey Del Taco has been touted to serve some of the very best classic tacos in all of Atlanta—a bold statement compared to our above contenders. But when considering the prestigious foodie status of this cultural Atlanta area, you believe the hype. Understandably, the small establishment can get slammed, but when sitting down with tacos on a warm, house-made tortilla, all will be worth it. Steak, Boston pork butt, sausage, goat and mushroom are tender, expertly seasoned and topped simply. Feeling adventurous? Octopus, tongue, cows cheek and pork stomach are on the menu, to many’s delight!

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