Highly trained chefs are bringing the Japanese culture right to Atlanta, via authentic sushi dishes, with sometimes modern twists. Sushi takes a great deal of skill and patience, and these city favorites have nailed it.


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Kura Sushi-Go-Round

Kura Sushi-Go-Round (Nearby Hotels)

Talk about a super fun way to enjoy incredible sushi, and other Japanese favorites such as ramen, mochi and yakitori. Kura, also known as Kula, is nearly identical to popular revolving sushi bars in Japan, and the chefs take great care in creating amazing combinations like Garlic Ponzu Salmon and Soy Sake Tuna nigiri. Order your selection via touch-screen, or grab something off the conveyor belt. It’s efficient, quick, and the presentation of each dish is flawless. You’ll also get a small Japanese toy for every 15 finished plates you insert in the table side slot!

Umi Sushi Buckhead
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Umi Sushi Buckhead (Nearby Hotels)

No one disputes that the food here is awesome, but some find the small dining spaces off putting. However, sushi restaurants in Japan are often so small, only one person at a time can slip through the sliding door to nab a bar seat. Slightly cooked sushi is the perfect “in between” for those who haven’t gone full blown raw fish crazy; give Bincho Maguro a whirl, which is seared Albacore tuna with scallions and Ponzu sauce.

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Tomo (Nearby Hotels)

About 90 percent of the sushi at Tomo is sourced from Japan, and only five patrons a night get to indulge in the delicate, fresh 10 course meal. While the fish is centerstage, there’s something about the sushi rice that will have you melting. Tomohiro Naito has cultivated his skills through some of the top Japanese restaurants in the US, and is a true culinary artist.

Eight Sushi
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Eight Sushi (Nearby Hotels)

It’s hard to say what is better at Eight Sushi, the gorgeous, delicious food, or the friendly faces that treat each guest exceptionally. You’ll find many contemporary, creative takes on dishes here, but the fish itself is traditional in the sense of its top notch quality and flavor. With a soy sauce reduction, wasabi mayo and spicy tuna, the Manhattan roll is one of the best things on the menu.

Hoki Japanese Restaurant
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Hoki Japanese Restaurant (Nearby Hotels)

Hoki’s gimmick is that there isn’t one; preparation methods are straight forward and not overly complicated. Fish is kept in a more pure state, refreshingly lacking any Americanized sauces or ingredients. The environment isn’t as flashy as other high end joints, but the humble setting is comfortable and accommodating. It’s nice to skip the frills and jump straight into good fish.

Sushi Hayakawa
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Sushi Hayakawa (Nearby Hotels)

Authenticity is the word at Sushi Hayakawa; it’s an experience rather than just a meal. Fish is transported fresh from Hokkaido, and it’s evident in the buttery smooth texture and crisp taste. Do not smother this decadent fish in sauce; that would be a true travesty. You must make reservations, the bustling location isn’t able to take walk-ins. Sounds strict, but it is oh so worth it.

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Starfish (Nearby Hotels)

Plates are crafted largely with organic ingredients, and many variations of shellfish arrive live, meaning your meal is as fresh as it gets. The menu sticks to basic sashimi and nigiri, while venturing to more rare selections like young yellowtail. Starfish has created some signature items like Cajun tuna, and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory roll with spicy tuna, beef tataki, avocado, and a special sauce.

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