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The Gulf Coast is typically forgotten among American surfers, however the Texas coast offers some great surf spots that are sure to please both beginner and advanced surfers alike. Referred to as the Third Coast, the Gulf Coast may not produce as big of swells as its western counterpart, however surfers are not disappointed when they visit these 9 best surf spots in the state of Texas.


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Surfside Surfside Beach
Credit: Mike Cole
Surfside Beach


This list starts off with one of the most popular surfing spots in Texas, Surfside Beach. With a name like Surfside, it’s sure to please Texas surfers. Like many of the spots on this list, this area gets its biggest swells during storms, however there are still solid waves found here even if a storm isn’t on the forecast. Keep in mind that the breaks are clean when the wind comes from the East or Northeast, which is one thing you may want to check on the forecast before heading out. Surfside is great for both long and short boards, and there is even board rentals found in the area. Since Surfside is reachable for surfers in Texas’ large metropolitan areas like Houston and Austin, it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches for surfing.

South Padre Island South Padre
Credit: bigstock.com
South Padre

South Padre Island

South Padre offers some of the best spots for surfers in the state. Now there are many spots in South Padre where surfers frequently visit. However, head to the south end of the island for some of the best waves where surfers ride the jetties. These jetties offer waves not typically found in the shallow Gulf of Mexico. The jetties on the south end continue to satisfy surfers since the waves here are pretty consistent. If you are a surfer on a budget, choose to camp in Isla Blanca State Park, a park on the south end of the island that is home to tent sites and great waves.

Bob Hall Pier Bob Hall Pier
Credit: Facebook.com
Bob Hall Pier

Bob Hall Pier

Located in Corpus Christi, Bob Hall Pier isn’t just a hot spot for fishermen; it’s also a popular place for surfers too. You’ll see the biggest waves here when a hurricane is on the forecast, however you’ll still have fun even when the weather is nice. Expect consistent waves with a proper swell. The waves regularly have a hollow drop, therefore you’ll be able to ride your board all the way to the shore. Perfect for short boards, surfers should expect fast barrels coming right from the pier. Surfing at Bob Hall Pier may not provide the biggest waves, but you’re sure to have fun while catching these small swells.

Mansfield Jetty

Long board surfers should visit the Mansfield Jetty, which is found on a secluded beach 30 miles north of South Padre Island. Accessed via a 65-mile beach drive in a 4×4 vehicle or by boat, surfing the Mansfield Jetty is a great spot for surfers wanting some solitude. You can paddle in from the small sand cove or simply jump off the jetty itself. Since this area is so secluded, bring provisions, such as water, food, a shovel and toilet paper, gasoline and all the gear you need.

Horace Caldwell Pier

Horace Caldwell Pier

Port Aransas is a common surf town among local surfers. For some great breaks, head to Horace Caldwell Pier, which is definitely one of the most popular surf spots in the area. Don’t expect the biggest waves but do expect strong and fast waves coming off the left side of the pier. You’ll see surfers hit this spot when the tide is heading out. Horace Caldwell Pier is great for surfers of all skill levels, therefore beginners should feel right at home surfing this Port Aransas surfing gem.

Matagorda Matagorda Bay Nature Park
Credit: facebook.com
Matagorda Bay Nature Park


Since the beach town of Matagorda isn’t as popular as other Texas coastal cities, you will most likely be surrounded by local, Texas surfers here. Surfers are typically greeted with consistent and powerful waves. Due to a deep ocean floor rising to meet the sandbars, Matagorda offers up some seriously strong waves.

Jamaica Beach

Located on Galveston Island, Jamaica Beach is the closest surf spot to Houston surfers. Surfers will find deep water, a sandy bottom break and fast-moving swells, which make Jamaica Beach a far better option to surf than anywhere else in Galveston.

Boca Chica Boca Chica State Park
Boca Chica State Park

Boca Chica

Near Brownsville is the surfing oasis known as Boca Chica. Boca Chica is another surf spot that is relatively isolated, since there is some difficulty in reaching it. Big swells, consistent waves and even barrels can be found here on even small days. When big swells roll in however, the jetties will produce massive waves that draw Texas surfers from all over the state. Boca Chica Beach is great year round but has become a popular winter surfing spot.


South of Surfside is another surfing gem, Quintana. Many surfers head to Quintana when the water is too rough at Surfside. This surfing spot is another great place for all skill levels. Here surfers will find consistent sandbar waves that often come quite quickly.

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