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Whether you’re heading out to hike, backpack, or rough it in the great outdoors, or are just looking forward to a device-free weekend roasting marshmallows while tent camping in the backyard, there’s a surefire way to get kids excited while making sure they sleep comfortably. In addition to a comfy camping mattress, finding the right sleeping bag makes all the difference; whether it’s for napping at preschool, spending the weekend at a scout camp, or experiencing their first sleep-away. Sleeping bags are one of the last areas where you truly get what you pay for; splurge on that high-performance bag for guaranteed comfort at the state park or national forests, or save your money with a character themed one that will only see the inside of grandma’s house.

Coleman Kids 50

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An entry level bag at a low price, Coleman’s ThermoTech insulation keeps kids warm and cozy in temps above 50 degrees, making it an essential camping accessory. The hidden interior tuck pocket is a great hiding place for middle of the night essentials, like a flashlight, and the Coleman emblems glow in the dark, making it easy to avoid stepping on the bag during the middle of the night bathroom breaks. Any sleeping bag with a temperature in the title will be geared to outdoor use, and while the temp listed may be the floor for keeping kids at a safe body temp, to be sure they’re actually comfortable, aim for overnight lows 15 degrees higher than that listed minimum. 

  • Fits taller children
  • Good for car campers
  • Inexpensive
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Best for Sleepovers

Best for Sleepovers

Disney Sling Bag Slumber Set

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They’ll be the star of the slumber party with any of these Disney print sleeping bags. Available in traditional Mickey and Minnie designs, as well as retro classics like Ninja Turtles, and new favorites like Sofia the First, there’s a design for every taste. The matching sling bags make transport a breeze and cleaning up cute. Remember to pick up an animal sidekick for our hero or heroine. An indoor-only slumber party style bag, it’s great for pretend play, staying up watching movies, or for having a familiar blanket to take to grandmas or a friends house.

  • Best for indoor use only
  • Toddler/Preschool sized
  • Reviewers say: not machine washable

Wildkin Nap Mat

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Perfect for daycare, school, or the sitter’s house, this nap mat includes a pillow, and the top cover is lined with cozy flannel. It rolls up easily and has a convenient carrying handle that even little hands can hold easily. Pick up the matching backpack or lunch box for a coordinated set; it’ll be easy for teachers or sitters to remember who brought which items when they all match.

  • Small storage footprint
  • Easier to wash than a sleeping bag
  • Meets most preschool/daycare nap mat requirements

Coleman Youth Mummy 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Lightweight for its size, this sleeping bag is designed for elementary school aged children from 6-12 years old. Rated to 30 degrees, it’s a good choice for winter camping and kids in scouting programs looking their first outdoor suitable bag. For those wondering how well their child will tolerate mummy shaped bags, this is a less expensive option than higher-end performance geared brands, making it a good test bag. A reviewer mentioned that their “Kids liked the look and feel, and didn’t seem constricted by the mummy shape.” The hooded mummy style helps kids stay warm while sleeping.

  • Good for cool weather
  •  Non-snag zipper
  • Fits under 5′

Kelty Big Dipper

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A high performing bag perfect for winter camping destinations, this bag is made from a trusted name in the hiking and backpacking communities. Kelty’s Big Dipper design has an adjustable length, fitting children and teens up to five feet tall, or easily shorten the bag by 12″ to conserve heat more efficiently for smaller kids. While the design options are labeled “Boys” and “Girls” both are relatively gender-neutral both in color and pattern.

  • Warm
  • Fits into compression sacks
  • For families who camp multiple times per year
Best for Serious Campers

Best for Serious Campers

Kelty Woobie 30

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For young children up to 4″ tall, Kelty’s Woobie design is warm and snug, with fun, cheery patterns featuring woodland animals (orange) or dinosaurs (blue). Unlike a lot of right hands only bags, this one features double zipper access, which is very useful when dealing with the mostly-potty-trained but still accident-prone age range. The double zipper design also makes it easy for parents to ease already-sleeping kiddos off of moms’ bag and into their own, hopefully without even waking them.

  • Newly redesigned
  • Warm and soft interior; no slippery nylon liner
  • Exterior treated with flame retardant

AceCamp Glow in the dark sleeping bag

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Soothe those first sleepover nerves with a bag that has a unique and fun design. These glow in the dark constellations are sure to be a hit. Great for outdoor movie nights, backyard camping, and budding astronomers. A reviewer writes; The kids love to take out the sleeping bags for movie night, indoor camping, and just for fun!” For kids who are fascinated by stars, it’s essential to have the right bag for staying out all night to watch meteor showers.

  • Glow in the dark
  • Fun for parties
  • Indoor/Outdoor bag
Best "Green" Bag

Best "Green" Bag

Nemo Punk 20

$99.95Amazon Logo Buy On Amazon

With a unique cinch and compress design, the Nemo Punk is one of the warmest kids bags available. Drawstring cords get the bag tightened down into a comfortable fit, keeping smaller children from losing out on the benefits of a snug bag. Nemo also offers a lifetime warranty on their products so that you can buy with confidence. With their commitment to sustainable practices, we love Nemo gear for all ages; this is their first bag for kids, and we’re excited to see what comes next.

  • Keeps kids warm
  • Not available in all states
  • Lifetime warranty

Ozark Trail Kids Bag

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A hybrid between the more expensive outdoor-weather suitable bags, and the inexpensive sleepover style indoor-only bags, this indoor/outdoor bag by Ozark trail is good for family camping in an RV or cabin, or in a tent while using air mattresses or other thick sleeping pads. It’s machine washable, but make sure to pick up a pack of wool dryer balls so the insulation dries evenly, instead of balling or clumping.

  • Good for car campers
  • Multi-use
  • Inexpensive

Butterfly Craze Floor Lounger

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A fun and unique alternative to sleeping bags, stuff these Butterfly Craze loungers with five pillows from home and you’ll have the most inviting reading nook, cartoon watching daybed, and slumber party futon around. Cuter than sleeping bags, they’re more plush and comfortable too. Sure, you wouldn’t take them to the local national park, but for use at home or the grandparents, these are better than a lot of the competition.

  • Pillows not included
  • Machine Washable
  • Tons of design options

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