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Sleeping bag liners add a touch of the comforts of home, whether you’re staying in hostels or roughing it in nature. Protect your sleeping bag from bugs, dirt, and germs, or use it as a barrier over dubiously maintained sheets or camping mattresses to protect yourself from unwanted critters joining you on your journey. Some bag liners work as standalone bags for lightweight summer camping trips, and they’re always useful for spring or fall camping when temperatures can quickly drop overnight.

The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • Lifetime warranty
  • Keep sweat and bacteria off your bag
  • Carabiner clip allows you to clip it to the outside of your bag

Protect your sleeping bag from dirt, leaves, and trail debris with this washable bag liner. Also makes a great defensive layer for use in hotels or hostels you aren’t familiar with, particularly in regions where bedbugs are known to thrive. Choose between the zippered option, and you can zip up tightly to conserve warmth or keep loosely bundled with the velcro closure option for easy middle of the night exits and a lighter carry weight.

Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner and Camping Sheet

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  • Pillow pocket, useful for car campers
  • 85″ long, perfect for tall campers
  • 11.5 oz in stuff sack

A full-length zipper makes this liner multi-functional; use it as an extra sheet while staying in hotels or hostels, or to boost warmth while camping. The squared design fits well over sleeping pads or air mattresses. One reviewer even mentioned using it to protect foam mattress pads and toppers, extending their lifespan and providing far more comfortable sleep at home.

Reviewer Feedback:
“This sleeping bag liner was perfect! It is soft and very comfortable and I love the fact you can zip all the way up or unzip all the way and use as an open sheet if you want.”

Tucker Plus Sleeping Bag Liner With Full Length Double Zipper

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  • Fully unzips for use as a top sheet
  • Pillow pocket creates a barrier between hotel or hostel pillows and you
  • Right-handed zipper

A good choice for a liner in cool or warmer weather, the Tucker Plus helps protect your sleeping bag from skin oils and road dust, extends its lifespan, reduces required washings, and keeps it free from future irritants. Traveling with allergies can often be a gamble; hotels may not clean sheets often enough or may use laundry detergents with unpleasant fragrances, but with this extra layer you can be sure that your skin only comes in contact with the liner, so you control exactly what material you’re exposed to.

Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner

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  • No zipper; you bundle into it like a large sock
  • Weighs 14oz
  • Easy to see dirt and debris on the orange liner

If you’re tired of struggling to stay warm while camping and frustrated that no matter what your bag rating, you’re still uncomfortable sleeping outside, a Thermolite liner may be the missing camping accessory you’ve been looking for. Perfectly shaped to fit inside a mummy bag, this liner purports to add up to 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) of extra warmth to your heat rating. It even has its own hood and drawstring, to draw down escaping the warmth and trap it closer to your body. Reviewers rave about  their adventures in this extra warm liner.

Reviewer Feedback:
“I used this on a trip to Everest Base Camp and hiking up Kilimanjaro. While it kept me warmer, I don’t think it added the 25 degrees it states on the package. I especially like that it kept my sleeping bag clean especially when hiking Kilimanjaro and I didn’t always change into clean clothes before crawling in my sleeping bag.”

Tough Outdoors XL Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • Oversized
  • Affordable
  • Slip-in design prevents heat from wicking out

At 37″ wide and 85″ long, this bag liner is generously sized in a spacious design. Perfect for sprawling sleepers who hate the tiny foot box of many mummy bags or liners. It’s a flap opening only bag, so there’s no zipper to let heat escape. At 11.5 ounces it’s a reasonable weight for backpacking and affordably priced.

Coleman Stratus Adult Fleece Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • Comfortable standalone or as a bag liner
  • Fleece is quieter to sleep in than polyester liners
  • Adds lots of warmth

If you need the slim profile and light weight of a polyester lined bag for your outdoor adventures, but miss the feel of fleece lining keeping you cozy, Coleman makes just the liner for you. The Stratus adds about 12 degrees (Fahrenheit) to your bags comfort rating, so a sudden weather shift won’t ruin your plans and send you back to the warmth of home. Far easier to launder than a bag with an attached fleece liner, it makes a comfortable standalone bag in warmer temperatures. Fairly inexpensive, especially for fleece, it packs down well but is a bit weighty for a bag liner, at just under 2 lbs.

b.m.c Bundle Monster | Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • 3/4 zippered sides
  • Zip two together for use in a couple’s bag
  • Affordable

Weighing around 1.4lbs, this may not be the right liner for ultralight backpackers looking to cover serious distances, but the cozy microfiber fleece will keep you warm and cozy, and is a great choice for car campers who dislike the slippery, silky feel of polyester liners or bags. Used in conjunction with a sleeping bag, it can add about ten degrees (Fahrenheit) which great for boosting your comfort threshold on a surprisingly cold night. Used by itself, it’s rated to about 55 degrees, so for a warm summer night, it’s a lighter, softer option than many sleeping bags.

Sea to Summit Coolmax Adaptor Liner with Insect Shield

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  • Permethrin-treated, good for up to 70 washes
  • Moisture-wicking; good for warm climates
  • Mummy shape ideal for use with mummy bags

A great gift for serious hikers, this mummy shaped liner adds extra warmth. It fits snugly inside your bag at night, offering not just more warmth, but also insect resistance, and packs down easily with a stuff sack. At 8.6oz (9.5 in the stuff sack) it’s a reasonable weight for a bag liner and a great option for a lightweight bag alternative. Reviewers have taken it all over the world.

Reviewer Feedback:
“I recently traveled through Indonesia, where malaria is a risk, and hotels don’t often provide a top bed sheet or pillowcase. This was great both in the hotel and in my hammock when sleeping outside. It’s very lightweight, so seemed a little flimsy, but it’s held up after 3 weeks of use.”

ALPS Mountaineering Brushed Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag Liner

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  • Multiple reviewers agree this adds 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) of comfort.
  • No zipper; slip in from the top
  • ALPS also offers rectangular or fleece liners

Exceptionally light, this 11oz liner is a breeze to carry and fits easily inside mummy bags. Covering the miles may push you to the limits, but it doesn’t have to be punishing to your gear; protect your bag from sand, dirt, and other abrasives, and minimize washings.

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