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Ogden is an up-and-coming town in Utah that sits at the base of three incredible ski mountains, that offer outdoor adventure year round. Staying in town means your close to all of Utah’s top destinations while being in the midst of shopping, history, local roasters and coffee shops like the organic-focused Daily Rise Coffee, and of course a list of locally fueled, mouthwatering eats. The variety is plentiful and many places accommodate food allergies. So for the best of the best, head to these best places to chow down in Ogden, Utah.


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Tona Sushi Bar and Grill Tona Sushi Bar
Credit: Tona Sushi Bar
Tona Sushi Bar

Tona Sushi Bar and Grill

Breaking barriers beyond chicken teriyaki and California rolls, Tona has a diverse menu from appetizers like seared salmon and sunomono cucumber salad, to udon and mochi ice cream. Of course, the sushi is beautifully presented, and there’s a list of nigiri and rolls. The staff here pays close attention to food allergies, whether it be nuts, gluten or shellfish. Let them know when you arrive if you have special dietary needs and the chefs will prepare your meal with care.

Pig and a Jelly Jar Ogden Pig and a Jelly Jar
Pig and a Jelly Jar

Pig and a Jelly Jar Ogden

With a name like that, you know it’s probably good. Yes, they have interesting jellies to serve with their comfort food offerings, like a delicious blueberry-lavender, pineapple-rosemary or jalapeño jam. Taking the number one spot would be the waffle, which isn’t too heavy, thankfully because many order it with fried chicken and eggs on top. Scrambles, biscuits and beer for breakfast allure folks to this small, brick-walled nook on Ogden’s iconic 25th Street.

Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria
Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria

Slackwater Pub and Pizzeria

With an enormous selection of local beer and garage doors that open up the restaurant to elements on warm days, Slackwater is the perfect spot to chill. But don’t think because they have a fantastic beer selection that they’ve cut corners on the food, because interesting pizza selections, like a fish taco variation, massive sandwiches and some killer brisket nachos, which makes it a great day trip from Salt Lake City.

Cuppa Cuppa Ogden vegan tacos
Credit: Cuppaogden.com
Cuppa Ogden vegan tacos


Cuppa is a vegan cafe serving a wide variety of breakfast and lunch items, like saucy tofu breakfast tacos wrapped in a coconut tortilla, or rose charcoal waffles with berry syrup! Even non-vegans stop by regularly for tasty macadamia milk lattes, fresh baked coconut flour cookies and other creative, healthy selections. Inside is modern, with a reclaimed basketball court serving partially as the floor and counter siding—a second level has a lounge area and more airy seating.

Ramen Haus Ramen Haus
Ramen Haus

Ramen Haus

Ramen Haus immediately gives off Asia vibes with light wood interiors and pleasant simplicity. When it’s chilly out, there’s nothing like a bowl of authentic ramen loaded with mushrooms, sprouts, onions, chili spices and whatever else you love with your soup. Shiritake noodles are available for those wanting to eat low carb or gluten free—yes, they are nearly carb-less noodles that still satisfy like regular ones. Round off the night with some jasmine tea and you’ll be feeling pretty good about yourself.

Lucky Slice Pizza Lucky Slice Pizza
Lucky Slice Pizza

Lucky Slice Pizza

If you’re looking for unique flavors that you can taste by the slice, Lucky’s is the pizza joint for you. Located on historic 25th street, it’s a community staple where customers stop for huge slices of thin New York style pie. Potato pesto, poutine (with actual French fries on top) and the Fire Island pizza with a creamy garlic base, capicola, caramelized onions, jalapeños and pineapple are amongst the beloved crusty classic.

The Sonora Grill The Sonora Grill
The Sonora Grill

The Sonora Grill

With an upscale take on Mexican food, The Sonora Grill is a cozy place to dine, with exposed beams, stone accents and rustic brick walls. Dishes feature slightly more American bistro twists like root veggies and artisan lettuce, so it’s not the typical fare you’d find at a little cantina, but is certainly refreshing. Calamari rings, which guests say are the perfect thickness and abundant in portion, and the pork carnitas are two raves about dishes that you likely can’t go wrong with.

Warrens Craft Burger Warrens Craft Burger
Warrens Craft Burger

Warrens Craft Burger

Eclectic, rustic and featuring the historic vibes of 25th Street, Warrens Craft Burger not only has solid, out of the box burgers but surprisingly appropriate appetizers like a creamy homemade spinach dip and Blue Moon beer fried shrooms. Made by hand, each burger weighs in at a half pound, and come with your choice of artisan ingredients like truffle aioli, fontina cheese, bacon maple jam, the killer burger sauce, and so on. Buns are bakery made with stone ground dough and certainly round out the amazing American classic.

Smokey’s BBQ and Grill Smokey's BBQ Ogden
Smokey's BBQ Ogden

Smokey’s BBQ and Grill

Because even in the northwest, we can crave southern barbecue from time to time, there’s Smokey’s BBQ and Grill. From brisket, pork and turkey, to tender smoked ribs, the joint excellently execute flavors of the south through their slow-cooked methods and tasty sauces. Southern fried okra or pickles, Mac and cheese, cornmeal hushpuppies, fried Cajun catfish, classic burgers and meaty salads further solidify Smokey’s are the real deal.

Rosa’s Cafe Rosa's Cafe
Credit: Rosa’s Cafe
Rosa's Cafe

Rosa’s Cafe

Rosa’s cute little roadside cafe practically screams authenticity immediately upon walking inside. Spicy aromas and the smell of freshly cooked tortillas float through the air. From delicious bacon breakfast wraps to colorful plates of chili verde burritos, stuffed peppers and rice, the menu remains pretty simple and fills a small chalkboard behind the counter. Don’t miss out on sweet treats like horchata or bread and rice pudding!

The Angry Goat Pub And Kitchen Angry Goat Beer
Credit: angrygoatpk.com
Angry Goat Beer

The Angry Goat Pub And Kitchen

With an atmosphere that will bring you to that mellow point after a long week, The Angry Goat Pub And Kitchen is well known for a seamless whiskey and beer selection, along with American pub food that comforts the soul. While the grilled rosemary chicken sandwich and breakfast selections are highly praised, the 3/4 pound ground brisket Angry Goat Burger with spicy bacon, accompanied by fries proves to be a house favorite.