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Few things can put a damper on a trip like unpleasant weather. Whether it was forecasted or not, rain can alter any traveler’s mood for the worse. If you’re prepared, though, with the right travel accessories, you can turn that bad weather into a memorable experience. To provide some guidance, we’ve put together a list of the best rain gear for traveling. So no matter what the weather throws at you, you can face it head-on!

KOPACK Backpack

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A high-quality bag to house all your travel valuables is a key component to any adventurer’s arsenal of gear. The KOPACK Backpack is loaded with features that make it perfect for life on-the-go, even when the rain is coming down. Tear resistant fabric aids in keeping this backpack durable, while water resistance makes it perfect for inclement weather. The lockable zippers ensure that your valuables—including your laptop housed in its special interior sleeve—stay safe and secure. This bag even incorporates an external USB charger port for easy device charging while you’re on-the-go.

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Pelican Waterproof Case

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Whether you’re at the beach, kayaking down a peaceful river, or caught in a rainstorm, the Pelican Waterproof Case is the perfect insurance to protect your valuable gear and electronics. It features a rubber liner that creates a waterproof, dustproof seal. The box itself is crushproof, meaning it is sure to take reliable care of its contents no matter what abuse it is subjected to. Each box comes with a lifetime guarantee, making this the most affordable protective insurance you could ever dream up.

Repel Travel Umbrella

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There are umbrellas, and then there is the Repel Travel Umbrella. Designed to be compact yet incredibly rugged, this umbrella has numerous features that set it apart from the competition. It has automatic opening and closing, allowing it to be used one-handed—an invaluable trait for a traveler who is bound to be carrying other items. It also has nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that allow it to flex without breaking or turning inside out, making it the ultimate umbrella for intense wind. The water-resistance is, of course, second-to-none thanks to its Teflon coating. All of this weighs in at under one pound and includes a lifetime replacement guarantee.

JBL Flip 4

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The JBL Flip 4 is not your average wireless speaker. Not only can you connect two devices at once to eliminate that painfully pairing and unpairing process, but you can also link over 100 JBL connect+ speakers together to create an amplified surround sound experience. The built-in 3000mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of continuous music, ensuring that the party won’t die with the speaker. Best of all, this impressively-powerful speaker is completely waterproof. That means rain or shine, the music plays on. It can even be submerged in water, so feel free to turn on that summer playlist by the pool.

Sam Edelman Tinsley Rain Boots

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Not all rain boots have to be gaudy. Some don’t even look like rain boots. Take the Sam Edelman Tinsley Rain Boots, for example. Sure, they feature complete waterproofing, a durable rubber sole, a cushioned footbed, pull-on tongue, and convenient elastic ankle opening, but they’re far more than an average rain boot. The stylish Chelsea boot design looks just as fashionable at a formal get-together or hip coffee shop as it does on the streets of an unfamiliar street riddled with puddles. Versatile and perfect for poor weather, these boots will likely establish themselves as your go-to boot for travel.

Mpow Waterproof Case

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The fully-submersible Mpow Waterproof Case is perfect for those who want to ensure that their smartphones stay safe no matter what the weather throws at them. The simple, compact design is great for travelers, as it reduces the amount of space needed for transportation. Compact and simple does not mean that this case is without functional features, though. The case does not hinder touchscreen use, even when underwater. You can even use the phone’s camera without issue. The universal design means that the vast majority of phone models will work perfectly with this case, often times with a bit of room to spare. You can also stow cash, important documents, credit cards, and other small valuables, making this case even more functional.


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Not all socks are created equal, and the RANDY SUN Socks are proof. Constructed of waterproof nylon, these socks are lightweight and breathable while being high-performance and waterproof. They are ideal for anyone traveling where there may be inclement weather and perfect for outdoorsy people. From skiing to hiking, these socks are seamless and generously padded, making them exceptionally comfortable for long-term use. To keep your feet dry even in the midst of rain, look no farther than the RANDY SUN Socks.

MARCHWAY Floating Dry Bag

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While designed for use while boating, hanging out on the beach, or otherwise spending time on or by the water, the MARCHWAY Floating Dry Bag is perfect for rainy weather as well. It is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be transported and stored easily even when space is at a premium. From mild showers to extreme adventuring, this bad promises to keep its contents safe and dry. The convenient rolltop design makes use incredibly simple, even when the elements are at play. It is available in several sizes, ensuring that there is one to fit your needs.

Columbia Watertight II Jacket

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Sure, a poncho is a great option for travelers, but sometimes you need something a little more versatile (not to mention stylish). The Columbia Watertight II Jacket offers the waterproofing of a rain jacket without sacrificing wearability, functionality, or fashion. The Omni-Tech construction is incredibly breathable despite being seam-sealed and completely waterproof. The pockets have zippers to make sure their contents stay secure—another example of this jacket’s thoughtful design. Available in 23 colors, there is bound to be a perfect look to complement your unique style.

Waterfly Fanny Pack Slim

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The WATERFLY Fanny Pack is not some remnant of a lost era. Instead, it is a fashionable and functional revitalization of a classic travel accessory. It is water resistant, allowing you to make it to safety with your valuable electronic devices when the rain surprises you. It is lightweight enough for a child to wear yet roomy enough to store everything you need it to. The main compartment is double-zippered, while the hidden rear pocket is zippered and perfect for storing cash, identification, credit cards, and more. From a family vacation to your favorite theme park to a trip abroad, this fanny pack is the ideal companion for quick, convenient storage.

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