With countless landscapes, Georgia has a lot to offer when it comes to sunset gazing. Head to the mountains, or lounge by the water—either will not disappoint. While nature tends to offer the best views of the this light show, the city surprises with a different perspective. We are absolutely in love with these prime places to watch the sun go down.


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Pine Mountain (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The peculiar hills of pine mountain pop out of nowhere in middle-west Georgia. You’ll find beautiful overlooks along the main stretches of road, where you can pull over to watch the the sun disappear.

Stone Mountain
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Stone Mountain (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Keeping in mind that the tram stops running at 8pm through the summer, Stone Mountain is a gorgeous spot to watch the sunset, or sunrise for that matter. However, you’ll have to hike—but we think it’s worth it.

Brasstown Bald (Hotel Prices & Photos)

You can’t get any higher in Georgia than on Brasstown Bald, meaning this place offers bird’s eye views even beyond this state and into others. So basically, you’re watching the sunset in a few states, at the same time. Crazy stuff.

Piedmont Park (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Piedmont Park is not only conveniently situated in the city, but has prime skyline views. Bring some snacks and enjoy playing on the green lawn while watching the sunset turn Atlanta into a golden vision.

Driftwood Beach (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Driftwood Beach is a famous stretch of sand on Jekyll Island, predominantly known for abstract tree formations on the water’s edge. When the sun hits just right in the evening, the most beautiful silhouette of jagged shapes line the sky—completely and totally breathtaking.

Sweetwater Creek State Park (Hotel Prices & Photos)

The ruins that lie within Sweetwater Creek State Park are picture worthy at any time of day, but when the light at sunrise or sunset peers trough the abandoned stone structures, it turns into something totally magical.

Savannah Riverwalk (Hotel Prices & Photos)

Water makes sunsets beautiful, it’s that simple. And when the sun sets over the Savannah River while you stroll down iconic River Street, you’ll be mesmerized. The massive bridge looks as if it’s simply painted into the sky itself.

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