Pecan Pie has been an indulgent southern staple dating back to the 1800s. Popularity of the syrup based pie soared when Karo began promoting it. But with pecan groves stretching over countless acres alongside peach trees and peanut plants, it’s just necessary that all those crunchy nuts are put to good use. There are plenty of ways to enjoy pecans, but pecan pie dominates down south, and rightfully so.

Southerners have gotten creative with recipes, which keeps things exciting for pie enthusiasts making a dessert pilgrimage across the state. Curious where the most delicious and unique pies reside? Read on!


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Mary Mac's

Mary Mac's (Nearby Hotels)

If you’re looking for the southern food holy grail, Mary Mac’s Tea Room in Atlanta has held the title for quite some time. Fried chicken, grits, and peach pie are reminiscent of any kitchen in the south; but their Pecan pie could rightfully stake claim as one of the best dishes. Thin, but generously filled with crunchy pecans, this rendition may be a little less sweet than your average nutty creation; it’s a pleasant balance of buttery crust, sugary filling, and toasty pecans.

Fox Brother's

Fox Brother's (Nearby Hotels)

This barbecue joint offers just two desserts, real banana pudding and a pecan pie. Why only two? Because they are perfect and nothing else is needed. The pecan pie gets a unique tweak with a bit of chocolate, and it is completely incredible. Those who typically bypass pecan pie because of the syrup filling generally flip out about the candy bar essence of this pie. Cinnamon whipped cream comes dolloped on top for a warm, spicy combo.

The Pie Hole

The Pie Hole (Nearby Hotels)

Authenticity radiates from the building, and inside you’ll find people who are really good at making pie, and love doing it. The basic pecan pie gets five out of five stars, but the Turtle Pie is totally off the charts! Loads of crispy pecans are layered with salty caramel and rich chocolate; it’s so perfectly balanced.

Ellis Bros. Pecans

Ellis Bros. Pecans (Nearby Hotels)

Since 1944, the Ellis family has been producing a variety of pecans while creating southern treats. Today, their groves extend over 2500 acres with 20 varieties of pecans. Yes, there’s more than one kind! They even have their very own pecan; the Ellis. Their plump nuts are used in a traditional pecan pie with a classic, gooey center and flakey crust. If it’s simplicity you want, irresistible pecan pie true to authentic southern flavors, from Ellis Bros, delivers. Whole pies are ridiculously reasonably priced at 9.95 !

Chop House on the Bricks

Chop House on the Bricks (Nearby Hotels)

After a tasty dinner of duck or steak, Chop House’s pecan pie really rounds out a meal. The dessert gets a solid foundation with a perfectly executed pecan pie base, but the unique twist comes from the cinnamon ice cream with cane syrup. A little ice cream takes the indulgence level of pie up a few notches, and cinnamon brings out the toasty pecan notes. The combination is so good,  you might find yourself churning up some old-fashioned cinnamon ice cream for your Thanksgiving pies. Or perhaps a store brand will do.

Lane Southern Orchards

Lane Southern Orchards (Nearby Hotels)

It doesn’t get fresher than buying a pecan pie from an orchard. Lane Southern Orchards harvests fresh peaches and pecans to create incredible Georgia sweets. A whole pound of pecans are packed into their pie, and you can have this true classic delivered right to your door. Lane’s pies are so satisfying thanks to the abundance of nuts! And the way they crumble the nuts into pieces makes for an awesome texture.

Olde Pink House

Olde Pink House (Nearby Hotels)

The historical Savannah building is, of course, pink, and filled with cozy charm. It’s the perfect setting for enjoying southern delicacies. A delicious pecan crust wraps around warm filling and more roasted pecans; an artsy chocolate drizzle blankets the top, while soft vanilla ice cream and whipped cream are placed on the side. Decadent and rich, this rendition needs to be approached on a less than full stomach, so plan accordingly!

Southern Baked Pie Company

Southern Baked Pie Company (Nearby Hotels)

When local ingredients go into a pie, you know you are getting something truly authentic to the area. Amanda Wilbanks gathered family recipes to create a list of southern, homemade pies with her signature “all-butter” crust that has a beyond heavenly texture. The Caramel Apple Pecan pie is full of locally harvested apples, made from scratch caramel, Georgia sourced pecans and a crisp pecan struesel that intertwine harmoniously. And oh my goodness, did I mention the all butter crust?

Savannah's Candy Kitchen

Savannah's Candy Kitchen (Nearby Hotels)

When it comes to holiday pie, many Georgians swear by ordering From Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. With pure cane syrup, Georgia pecans, fresh eggs, butter and a light, crisp crust, it’s as traditional as you can get. This pie mimics the generations old variation you’d find at many southern holiday tables; no twists or alterations. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the simplicity of it all, and the taste of a Savannah’s pie does just that. It only takes a couple of days for a fresh pie to arrive at your doorstep. Keep it in the freezer, and you can enjoy it anytime! It will keep for a few months if wrapped well.