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Sometimes you just want to strip down and soak in the maximum amount of sun, right? While certainly not for everyone, nudists, or naturists, believe for either cultural or political reasons in the practice, so it makes sense that the Sunshine State would have havens for people who like to bare it all on the beach. In addition, there are a collection of nudist resorts that reside in Florida. In fact, Pasco, above Tampa, has been dubbed the ‘Nudist Capital of the World’ by some. So if you’d like to really free yourself, visit these nude beaches in Florida.

Word of caution—not all of these notoriously naked nooks are officially designated nude areas, and are more dubbed to be acceptable only socially. So check out any official guidelines before you skip the swimsuit.


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Haulover Beach Haulover Beach
Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach

Between Miami and Fort Lauderdale resides Haulover Beach, and it’s one of the oldest, more established of its kind. A tight-knit gay community surrounds Haulover, and many events like the Nude Drum Circle, volleyball tournaments and various camps take place here. Rules and regulations keep the beach pleasant—it’s just a relaxing place where people can let loose. It’s official status, and fun, non-judgmental environment make Haulover one of the very best, if not the best, naturist beach in Florida.

Blind Creek Beach Blind Creek Beach
Blind Creek Beach

Blind Creek Beach

Blind Creek Beach is in Fort Pierce, between West Palm Beach and Daytona. A lot of first-time clothing-optional folks tend to find their way to the immaculate beach and clear waters of Blind Creek. It’s a very “keep to yourself “ kind of place, where everyone is nice, but just there to unwind. There’s no pressure here to either wear a suit or not—just lots of chill people lounging around, no big deal. Unfortunately, there aren’t any showers, so bring along some extra water for a rinse. But the neutral vibe at this beach makes it a great pick. Loggerhead turtles nest here, so be sure to tread carefully!

Bunche Beach Preserve Fort Myers Bridge
Fort Myers Bridge

Bunche Beach Preserve

Bunche Beach Preserve in San Carlos Bay of Fort Myers features lovely beaches accented with mangroves and other foliage. Nude bathers come for the day to not only disrobe but to experience diverse kayaking and wildlife. In one instance, you’re enveloped in nature, then the next you could be enjoying a wealth of restaurants and shops in Fort Myers.

Boca Chica Beach Boca Chica Key (Beach)
Boca Chica Key (Beach)

Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica Beach is in Key West, which is already known for its eccentric flare and nightlife. Accented by flowers and mangroves, it’s a ton of fun to explore the sandy stretch. Waters are crystal clear and the snorkeling is excellent. The only downside would have to be that you cannot drive to this beach—only a ferry boat can take you there.

Port Saint Lucie Port Saint Lucie
Port Saint Lucie

Port Saint Lucie

Port Saint Lucie is not an officially nude beach, so visit at your own discretion. But locals have basically deemed secluded nooks of this mansion laden area clothing optional. Since more out of sight, no one really seems to mind. But you should definitely be aware that it’s only technically legal if noted so by the government.

Playalinda and Apollo Canaveral National Seashore - Apollo Beach
Canaveral National Seashore - Apollo Beach

Playalinda and Apollo

Canaveral National Seashore is remote, unspoiled and serene. Two beaches on the stretch are federally designated nude beaches— Playalinda and Apollo. While there aren’t showers, bathrooms are available to visitors. What makes it special is the lack of commercialism, so both are truly a welcomed escape. Cape Canaveral has a wealth of other fun activities and parks where you can even swim with manatees, but not nude.

South Beach Miami South Beach
South Beach

South Beach Miami

Miami’s South Beach is notorious for, at least, topless sun bunnies—it’s a bit more rare to see someone go fully nude, but anything can happen. If this scene isn’t for you, opt for one of our more secluded options. But this is where the party is at.

Rooftop Resort Rooftop Resort
Rooftop Resort

Rooftop Resort

Hollywood, Florida typically isn’t clothing optional, but the Rooftop Resort, which sits between the Intercoastal Waterway and the ocean is. Every inch of the property is open game, from the sauna, videogame rooms, to the tiki-style rooftop pool. It’s definitely a more night club feel, with lots of dancing and neon lighting for those partiers out there. However, Haulover Beach is minutes away, because while this is kind of a beach getaway, you might want to actually be on the beach.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort Cypress Cove
Cypress Cove

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

Cypress Grove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee actually offers a lake beach versus an ocean one, and visitors can’t rave enough about the respectful community within the resort. Stay overnight and wear your birthday suit literally everywhere. The pools are strikingly beautiful with tropical accents, and visitors can also meander to the docks and work on their full-body tan. Rooms are crisp and modern and the food superb. If you don’t mind that the resort isn’t on the salty ocean, it’s a phenomenal choice for vacationing in the buff.

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