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For young children, rainy days can be full of adventure! Whether it’s turning that muddy section of a yard into a “sandcastle” or hunting the multitude of bugs that come out after a storm, imaginations always seem to run a little wild in the rain. If you have a compulsive puddle-splasher, make sure they’re outfitted in all the waterproof gear they need to stay warm and dry, despite their best efforts to get soaked and muddy.

Disney Little Girls Assorted Characters Slicker and Umbrella Rainwear Set

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This lightweight vinyl slicker is perfect for keeping dry during summer storms, whether you’re visiting the local park or taking that theme park dream trip. Perfect for Disney loving little ones, these sets feature designs including Minnie, Moana, and other popular Disney characters, like Ana & Elsa.

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Charles River Apparel Kids Pacific Poncho

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For school-aged children, a poncho that covers their uniforms or school clothes is essential. This thick hooded option by Charles River comes in a bold and bright red, perfect for increasing their visibility on the walk to school or just making it easier for parents to keep an eye on them while they play in the mud.

Rainbow Daze Kids Rain Boots with Easy on Handles

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Traditional rubber boots, not PVC, these boots come in an array of fun patterns kids love, as well as a range of sizes, so the perfect fit is always in reach. The pull-on handles help kids pull these boots on themselves, and the grooved bottoms provide traction and support, so they can keep their feet easily, no matter how bad the storm.

OAKI Toddler & Children's Neoprene Waterproof Fishing Waders

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For kids who can’t wait to join in on the grown-up adventures, these waders are essential for hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle. If your family ride ATVs or regularly go canoeing or kayaking, these waders can help protect your kiddos regular clothes and shoes from excessive wear, tear, or staining.

Hiheart Boys Girls Waterproof Hooded Jacket

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This cotton-lined rain jacket is a comfortable, gender-neutral option for keeping kids dry on the walk to school, the park, or the library. Great for families looking for potential hand-me-downs, it comes in a range of solid color prints that are well suited to either boys or girls, and lack any characters or print that might make it dated or uncool when it’s the next child’s turn to wear it.

JAN & JUL Kids Water-Proof Fleece-Lined Rain Pants

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Fleece lined for rain, sleet, or slushy weather, bad weather doesn’t have to make for a foul day when you’ve got these warm, cozy pants. The tight ankle cuffs make them a breeze to slip into rain or snow boots, and the adjustable waist keeps them snug and draft-free. With fully taped seams and a soil-repelling outer layer, even those kiddos who are determined to get muddy, mucky, or messy will find themselves stymied by these pants.

Waterproof Rain Boots for Little Kids

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Add some fun to a rainy day with these brightly colored kids rain boots. The wiggly worm design keeps them snug as a bug and comes in pink, purple, or blue. Available in a range of toddler sizes, they come with a removable fleece liner, perfect for keeping warm during those spring or fall days when the weather seems unpredictable. Wear the fleece liners in the morning, remove them for the afternoon, and re-insert at night, if necessary.

Outdoor Research Voyager Hat (Youth)

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Perfect for outdoor adventures with the kids, this 50UPF sun hat with break-off chin strap keeps kids safe from sunburns or downpours. Perfect for boating, fishing, or kids in scouts, if the show must go on, it can go in style and comfort. This waterproof, breathable hat even floats, so it’s a must for those family fishing trips.

HAPIU Kids Toddler Rain Suit

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When you absolutely, positively must get your baby or toddler to their destination dry, no matter how hard they resist, an all on one protective suit may be the only option. Available in sizes 12m to 5T, the adjustable apertures make it easy to keep openings secured, and the reflective tape adds an extra safety feature. The neoprene banded ankles pair with waterproof boots to seal out water, and the included internal name tag makes it easy for daycare or schools to know which child this suit belongs to.

Stephen Joseph Pop Up Umbrella

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Pirate ships, mermaids, dolphins, and ducklings; we’re not talking about their favorite stories, we’re talking about these fun umbrellas! In fun aquatic themes and sized just right for little hands, kids will actually use these imaginative 3d character umbrellas. The curved handle design makes it easy to hang dry at home or school, and there are no pinchy parts to their easy-up operation.

LANBAOSI Kids Boys Girls Waterproof Outdoor Hiking Pants

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For older kids in scouting programs, a pair of comfortable hiking pants that can stand up to any weather is an essential piece of gear. These rainproof fleece lined pants can handle rough play and all day wear and come in a range of fun colors. When the days are cool and short, you’ve gotta eke out every minute of outdoor play possible, and these comfy pants help keep kids warm and dry, and, hopefully, outside for hours.

Hatley Girls' Printed Raincoats

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Available in sizes 2-12, these lined girls raincoats are sure to please from toddlerhood til pre-teens. The fun prints feature unicorns, brightly colored birds, flowers, and more. Great for the girly-girl who won’t wear anything that isn’t cute, they offer matching splash-proof pants and boot liners for each of their jackets.

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2

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When giving up and going home in bad weather just isn’t an option, this two-piece full coverage rain suit by Frogg Toggs keeps older children dry and comfortable. Great for camping, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor sports.

2 Pcs Kids Portable Reusable Rain Poncho

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Lightweight enough for all day carrying in a pocket or travel backpack, this two pack of kids one-size ponchos are perfect for a day at the zoo, theme park, or exploring a new city on vacation. Inexpensive enough to dispose of after vacation is over, they’re durable enough for multiple wears.

Columbia Youth Glennaker Rain Jacket

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Lightweight enough to wear for summer squalls, it also makes a great layering jacket for use during a rainy fall or spring. Zippered pockets help your kiddos keep their gear organized and dry, and reflective detailing makes them easier to see on those overcast days.

Cloudnine Children's Froggy Raincoat, for Ages 5-12

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When the weather is warm and rainy, you may decide to let your kids indulge in those splash and play games; this frog poncho is a fun way to keep their clothes protected from mud while they have fun.

MIFULGOO Kids Waterproof Backpack

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Comfortably sized for elementary school children, this backpack will shrug off a surprise drizzle, but if you’re expecting heavy rain it’s best worn under a poncho, as it is more water-resistant than waterproof.

Native Unisex Kid's Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

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A warm-weather alternative to heavy, clunky rubber rain boots, these rubber-soled slip-ons clean up easily, making them great puddle stompers. They’re also useful beach shoes for toddlers who have difficulty walking in flip-flop style slip-ons.

Foldable Magical Raincoat

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For children too small to carry their own umbrella, this hat/umbrella hybrid may be just the thing for keeping them dry while out and about. The cute duckling printed hat keeps their face free and torso covered, without requiring a fight with sleeves, zippers, or buttons.

Age 1-10 Dinosaur Shaped Lightweight Rainwear

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With full length elastic sleeves to keep their arms dry, and a clear visor style ht under the hood, dino slicker comes in a range of sizes for children from 1-11 years old, with useful features that ensure it’s loved and worn often. The zipper closure gets it on faster, with secondary button attachments to keep it on securely.

Bemece Stroller Rain Cover Universal + Mosquito Net

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This two-piece stroller cover set lets you choose your level of protection for your infant. Comes with a mosquito net for keeping away pests, or a rain and snow cover to keep your baby dry and cozy. Velcro straps secure the covers to the stroller, and a window style opening makes it easy to reach in and check on your little one without removing the cover.

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