A buzzing sub-metropolitan area near Tokyo’s top attractions, Shinjuku literally means “shopping, eating and partying”. Once you start exploring, you’ll fall into the rabbit hole of unique places to eat, lively bars, diverse shopping and an overall electric atmosphere. While being a large business hub with impressive buildings and structures, the main highlight might have to be the food when comparing the district to the rest of Tokyo. Ramen, udon, tempura, sushi and a variation of street foods overflow, with some hidden gems residing in the basements of high-end shops and such. Just in this area are 39 Michelin restaurants, so the hardest part is going to be choosing where to go. Hotels are abundant, and not usually outlandishly priced, and we’ve rounded up a variety of places to stay, with plenty of Japan influence.


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Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo
Credit: Citadines.com
Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo

Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo (Prices & Photos)

Very modern with vibrant color patterns that spill over to the outside, you can’t miss the place. Conveniently located in the business district, you can navigate by foot, for the most part, to train stations and big attractions like the raved about Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. Featuring Japanese landscape, delicate blooms and reflective ponds with a skyscraper backdrop, the gardens are certainly an incredible place to find serenity in otherwise bustling Shinjuku.

Pumpkey Hostel Tokyo Pumpkey Hostel Tokyo
Credit: Pumpkey Hostel
Pumpkey Hostel Tokyo

Pumpkey Hostel Tokyo (Prices & Photos)

If you don’t mind the mingling nature of hostel living, you can save some serious dough staying at this cute, high rated spot in the city. It will take you back to your college days, but you’ll be on a super cool street loaded with shops and authentic eateries. Not only is it affordable, but it’s right in the action, if that’s the kind of experience you’re seeking. There’s some real charm in each little dorm decorated with light pastel colors and comfy bunk beds.

UNPLAN Kagurazaka UNPLAN Kagurazaka
Credit: Unplan.jp
UNPLAN Kagurazaka

UNPLAN Kagurazaka (Prices & Photos)

It’s hard to believe this place is a hostel because it has that chic appeal of a swanky hotel. However, it operates in multiple ways to accommodate all guests. From female only dorms, all gender spaces, to private suites, there are options when staying at UNPLAN.

Park Hyatt Tokyo Park Hyatt Tokyo
Credit: www.hyatt.com
Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo (Prices & Photos)

If there were a place in Shinjuku to define the word sleek, Park Hyatt Tokyo would definitely be it. One of the best hotels in Tokyo, you’ll find warm wood accents and indulgent colors round out the rooms and restaurant, and a peaceful bamboo garden is perfect for morning meditation and relaxation. But the views from every room that spans over the city are what truly gives this hotel its wow factor, but of course, the spa, high-end Japanese cuisine and indoor pool with an abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows certainly captivate as well.

Sakura Cross Hotel Shinjuku East Sakura Cross Hotel Shinjuku East
Sakura Cross Hotel Shinjuku East

Sakura Cross Hotel Shinjuku East (Prices & Photos)

Reminiscent of true Japanese style, the structure features smooth wood and clean lines, which are just visually relaxing in so many ways. Rooms are smaller than your average hotel room, but you’ll find it’s all you need. Balconies overlook the city, and popular sites and streets are right below. Hanazono Shrine, Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku Golden Gai and Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden are all less than a mile away.

Tadaima Ryokan Tadaima Ryokan
Tadaima Ryokan

Tadaima Ryokan (Prices & Photos)

Traditional Japan is heavily present in this samurai-period style inn. Rooms feature tatami floors, classic futon bedding, small doors and shoji screened windows while the charm continues outside to the cobblestone detailed, lantern lighted streets. Tadaima is located in a foodie district, so all around there’s a diversity of cuisine to explore. After a day of adventure, soak in a Japanese cypress hot bath or enjoy the around the clock lounge.

Ryokan Takemine Ryokan Takemine
Credit: www.takemine.jp
Ryokan Takemine

Ryokan Takemine (Prices & Photos)

Folks love the bigger size of these otherwise classic Japanese rooms, some of which even have jacuzzis! Everything is light and airy, with pops of color here and there, and guests are located just outside of the crowded portions of the city. A train station is within walking distance, and the nightlife and fantastic food a stone’s throw away. So if you’re torn down on whether you want seclusion or excitement, this is a perfect home base.

Hotel Moana Shinjuku Hotel Moana Shinjuku
Hotel Moana Shinjuku

Hotel Moana Shinjuku

Gorgeous with a capital G, this place is stunning elegance with plenty of true Japanese style. Spa touches round out the bathrooms, and some suites offer amazing hot tubs on a terrace complete with flat screen tv. Keep in mind that all room last do allow smoking, so if you’re sensitive to remnants left behind it may be best to book somewhere else. Otherwise, this is a lavish location for a good price, with wonderful proximity to the action.

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Hotel and Spa J-Mex Hotel and Spa J-Mex
Hotel and Spa J-Mex

Hotel and Spa J-Mex

How does an in-room sauna and color changing whirlpool sound? Hotel and Spa J-Mex offers an abundance of luxurious amenities, while the room prices don’t typically tip over 200 bucks. Order in delicious food and have a karaoke night without even leaving your bed. There’s a lot of designs going on here, but it all comes together to make this quirky, fun, yet elegant environment. Guests note you cannot see out of the windows, but it’s simply to preserve surrounding resident’s privacy.

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