Georgia’s first official city, Savannah, was established in 1733, allowing plenty of time for a slew of events to provoke some paranormal mischief. After being built on Indian burial grounds and enduring years of slavery, violence, pirate shenanigans and illness, it’s earned the title as one of the most haunted cities in America. Luckily, Savannah is now beautiful and tourist-friendly, while offering some spooky experiences.


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The Shrimp Factory
Credit: Yelp / Bob H.

The Shrimp Factory (Nearby Hotels)

River Street is an essential restaurant hub in Savannah, but a number of wharehouses used for the cotton trade are thought to house spirits of those mistreated many years ago. Today, one of these warehouses operates as The Shrimp Factory— sit down for an incredible seafood feast, while peering around to spot ghosts that many customers have claimed to see.

The Marshall House

The Marshall House (Nearby Hotels)

The Marshall House began operating as Savannah’s very first hotel in 1851, and may have picked up some undead vibes after being commissioned as a hospital on three occasions. Union soldiers and critically ill patients during yellow fever outbreaks were treated here. Current visitors have reportedly heard children’s voices echoing down the hall, and other noises that can’t be explained.

The Pirates House
Credit: Yelp / Paul D.

The Pirates House (Nearby Hotels)

Sailors sought rest at The Pirates house after its opening in 1753, but this also drew in havoc wreaking pirates. Violent scuffles led to brutal endings for many, while some would wake up on an unfamiliar ship, doomed to spend the rest of their days at sea. Now, The Pirate House operates as a themed restaurant. But could eerie pirates still be lurking? Some think so.

The Kehoe House The Kehoe House
The Kehoe House

The Kehoe House (Nearby Hotels)

Originally, this gorgeous inn served as a home to a family who lost two of their ten children within the structure. The Renaissance Revival Mansion might have been paranormally affected after its run as a funeral home as well. Now a beautiful inn, guests can enjoy intriguing history, elaborate architecture and perhaps a “boo” or two.

Moon River Brewing Company
Credit: Facebook

Moon River Brewing Company (Nearby Hotels)

Moon River Brewing Company was a hotel upon opening in 1821. Violence and tragedy from turbulent war years plaugued the location, and even the Ghost Adventures crew had some freaky experiences. Now serving up tasty brews, customers have reported seeing a lady in white eerily residing by the stairs, but if you steer clear from here, all should be fine. However, most embrace the idea, and even participate in fun events like Spooky Yoga at Moon River.

Old Fort Jackson
Credit: paular

Old Fort Jackson (Nearby Hotels)

Old Fort Jackson was constructed in 1808, making it the state’s oldest remaining fort. After years of brutal battles, something doesn’t seem quite right here. Visitors speak of an unsettling feeling while walking the grounds, while others say they feel like something is watching them. You can visit for yourself to see if something is amiss. Everyday cannons are fired off in a demonstration, at 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys
Credit: Facebook

Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys (Nearby Hotels)

Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys takes guests on a two hour informative tour of the super old, Spanish moss tree covered grounds. Historian Shannon Scott respectfully discusses the past, and Victorian age burial traditions. While this isn’t a haunted tour, you better bet a cemetery like this will send chills down your spine.

Hampton Lillibridge House Ghost City Tours: The Hampton Lillibridge House
Ghost City Tours: The Hampton Lillibridge House

Hampton Lillibridge House (Nearby Hotels)

Built in 1796, the Hampton Lillibridge House survived a catastrophic Savannah fire in 1820. In 1963, the aged home was purchased for renovation and relocation. Workers were in for a surprise when mysterious voices and creepy sounds emerged, ultimately provoking an exorcism on the home. During the relocation, a crypt was discovered underground, which kind of explains a lot. Ghost City Tours offers routes that go by this spooky stop.

Spooky Pub Crawls
Credit: Facebook

Spooky Pub Crawls (Nearby Hotels)

Boos and brews? Yes, please. Savannah hosts a few spooky pub crawls, and they’re all tons of fun. Bars in the area are drenched with history…and the paranormal—hosts like Legendary Haunted Pubs of Savannah can’t wait to share all they know about the hauntings. Creepy Crawl Pub Tour offers a glow in the dark booze cup to commemorate the occasion.