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12 of the Best Destinations in the World To Buy Jewelry

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Jewelry isn’t just a way to accessorize an outfit; it’s also a way to express yourself, show off your creativity, and share your travels. Sure, you could just go to an average department store where you live to find beautiful jewelry that complements your style, but where’s the adventure in that?

One of the most fun things about traveling can be to seek out unique shops around the world to learn about how local artisans and world-class jewelers craft beautiful pieces that you can proudly wear. Stunning pieces strike up conversations about where you found them and the journey that led you there.

So on your next big trip, think of jewelry shopping as more of a long-term adventure and less of a souvenir endeavor. And to help you get started, here are some of the world’s top destinations to shop for jewelry to add to your travel bucket list!


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The Gold Souk, Dubai Dubai Gold Souk
Dubai Gold Souk

The Gold Souk, Dubai

An incredible place to shop for jewelry is Dubai, and the Gold Souk has an impressive amount of gold on display. This is a covered market in the city that’s a must-stop spot for any tourist visiting for the first time. There are hundreds of retailers here that specialize in jewelry, especially gold. The Dubai Central Laboratories Department has strict regulations on the purity of gold and metal sold and recognizes jewelry shops that meet these criteria with certification. A few of the many jewelry shops worth mentioning here include Damas, Liali Jewelry, and Taiba.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Native American Market at the Palace of the Governors
Native American Market at the Palace of the Governors

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe has a unique culture that blends Native American with Hispanic traditions, which is reflected in the jewelry masterpieces created and sold here. The most unique place to shop for jewelry in this artsy small city is downtown at the Plaza of the Governors. This is part of a government program that brings in authorized vendors from pueblos throughout New Mexico to sell their jewelry and other crafts. Not only can you find amazing turquoise jewelry here, but also nearby booths with brightly colored blankets, western wear, pottery, and artwork.

Marrakech, Morocco Morocco jewelry
Morocco jewelry

Marrakech, Morocco

There are many great places to shop for jewelry in Marrakech, and much of the gold is sold in the Jewish quarter known as Mellah. This is a city of artisans where you can buy directly from the people that made the jewelry, not the middle men. Big cities in Morocco, like Marrakesh, have “mazes” of souks that like the streets with their crafts, but souks exist here in smaller towns as well. This is an excellent place to shop for silver jewelry that is chunky and stylish. A few of the top shops to check out in Marrakesh include Joanna Bristow, Jewels, Gallerie Al Yel, and the Khalid Art Gallery.

Geneva, Switzerland Geneva jewelry
Geneva jewelry

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is famous for one type of jewelry in particular: watches. This Swiss city is known as the watch capital of the world, and watchmakers from all over the globe have outlets and headquarters here for you to browse. The Tiffany & Co. store here is one of the very best, and watch shops worth visiting are Piaget, Expace Temps, Bucherer, and Swatch. You’ll find lovely jewelry on display along Rue du Mont Blanc and Rue des Paquis while you’re exploring the city too.

Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem jewelry
Jerusalem jewelry

Jerusalem, Israel

Some of the most luxurious jewelry in the world is sold in Jerusalem, made from both local talent and famous designers from around the world. Take a walk down King David Street and Mamilla Mall in the downtown area to start your shopping journey here. Some great jewelry shops to check out in Jerusalem are Baltinester Jewelry and Judaica, Avi Luvaton Jewellery and Judaica, and Zadok Yehuda. Others worth checking out are Baltinester and Padani.

Paris, France Paris jewelry
Paris jewelry

Paris, France

Going jewelry shopping in Paris is reminiscent of romantic movies, both old and new. Here you’ll find some of the most famous fashion labels in the world, like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but it’s also an unbelievable city to shop for high-end jewelry. The 3rd Arrondissment is great for trendy and quirky pieces, not to mention Saint-Germain-des- Prés and Canal Saint-Martin. But in Paris you’ll also find ancient flea markets that stand in stark contrast to famous addresses like Avenue Montaigne. Come to the flea markets for a totally different shopping vibe that’s fascinating and full of personality.

Cape Town Central, South Africa Colorful market jewelry
Colorful market jewelry

Cape Town Central, South Africa

Another great jewelry shopping destination is Cape Town in South Africa, especially the Cape Town Central and the Western Cape. Check out the Victoria and Albert Waterfront, which has hundreds of shops to suit every budget. Another good area to shop here is St. George’s Mall, which has lots of jewelry and crafts. Shops to add to your travel list include Browns Jewellers, Galaxy & Co., Shimansky, Kirsten Goss, and Kamaldien Jewellers.

St. Maarten, Caribbean Philipsburg jewelry stores
Philipsburg jewelry stores

St. Maarten, Caribbean

Many of the Caribbean islands are known for their jewelry shopping opportunities, but one of the very best is St. Maarten. You’ll find lots of jewelers in Philipsburg on Front Street who specialize in beautiful gems and diamonds. Jewelry shoppers should also check out French Marigot section for a range of boutiques to spoil yourself. Caribbean Gems is a famous family-run jewelry store here that has been voted the #1 favorite shop by locals and specializes in diamonds. Come here for engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, and diamond necklaces. Other top Caribbean destinations for jewelry shopping include the Dominican Republic, Barbados, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas.

Las Vegas, Nevada Swarovski

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas isn’t just a place to gamble and indulge in buffet dinners. It’s also a top spot to shop for jewelry because many of the big names in jewelry have set up shop here to cater to tourists and visitors willing to splurge. You’ll find many designer names here that you’re already familiar with, scattered among the casinos and themed hotels, such as Tiffany and Jared. You might even find the perfect ring to tie the knot in one of Sin City’s famous chapels here!

Jaipur, India Jaipur jewelry
Jaipur jewelry

Jaipur, India

People in India love their jewelry and wear some of the most colorful and unique pieces found anywhere in the world. But if you really enjoy jewelry, then a trip to Jaipur is definitely in order. Here you’ll find traditional, stylish, and unexpected pieces and a rich history of shopping that dates back to the 1700’s. Come here today to shop for gemstones, and don’t miss the Gem Palace. Inside you’ll see craftsmen and craftswomen working at their jewelry-making stations to polish, cut, and solder their lovely pieces. Other places in the city to visit for jewelry include the Teatro Dhora, Trunks Company, and Satayam at the City Palace complex.

New York City, New York New York City
New York City

New York City, New York

New York City is an ideal place to shop for pretty much anything, but there are some jewelry stores here that just can’t’ be beat. If you’re looking for high-end auction houses, check out Christie’s and Sotheby’s for jewelry. Both have offices in New York. The NYC Diamond District is along a block of 47th Street between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue. You’ll find thousands of jewelers and wholesalers here that specialize in many different types of gemstones, diamonds, and fine jewelry. It’s important to know about the type of jewelry you’re shopping for before coming here. You’ll likely hear many different languages spoken here (Yiddish, Indian, French, Russian, etc.), but make sure to shop around to compare prices and quality so that you don’t feel pressured into a purchase. Overall, this is an ideal pace to buy precious metal jewelry, like gold and platinum wedding bands and bangles.

Bangkok, Thailand Bangkok flea market
Bangkok flea market

Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, you’ll find a little bit of everything for shopping enthusiasts – high-end chic malls, colorful street markets, and everything in between. One of the best places to shop here is the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which has thousands of stalls and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. This market spans 35 acres and draws around 200,000 visitors on an average weekend. There are lots of clothing and accessories sold here in the sections, as well as ceramics, furniture, art, books, and even pet accessories.

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