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The 25 Best Coffee Shops in The U.S.

Coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up for many Americans; it’s a way of life. And, as the new year kicks off, you’ll definitely need a strong mug or two to keep you motivated when it comes to ticking off all of those New Year’s resolutions!

Some of these coffee shops are renowned for keeping things simple with a curated menu and a slick selection of roasted beans. Others make use of the rise of specialty coffee and latte art, fusing traditional brewing methods with any number of unique flavors, aromas, and elements and a worldwide assortment of beans. After taking into account everything from sustainability practices, variety of roasts, atmosphere, and overall quality, we’ve pulled together our final list.

So, whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply a lover of a good cup of joe, read on to discover the best coffee shops in the United States.

Panther Coffee - Miami, Florida Panther Coffee, Miami, Florida
Credit: Panther Coffee, Miami, Florida by Panther Coffee Co

Panther Coffee - Miami, Florida

One of Florida’s best coffee shops, Panther Coffee specializes in small-batch roasters, which means plenty of new offerings each time you head over for a cup of Joe. Founders Leticia and Joel Pollock met at a coffee convention in Minneapolis before getting together and eventually opening Panther Coffee. It roasts in two locations, Wynwood and Little Haiti, and at both branches, you’ll find the brand’s rare 1920s vintage Probat Perfekt roasters. Panther Coffee mostly serves single-origin coffee but also crafts coffee blends. This means you’ll be able to sample coffees here that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

Camber Coffee - Bellingham, Washington Camber Coffee, Bellingham, Washington
Credit: Camber Coffee, Bellingham, Washington by Camber Coffee

Camber Coffee - Bellingham, Washington

Camber Coffee is loved almost as much for its pastries as it is for its coffee. This beautiful coffee shop is all about attention to detail, which means fun elements to the menu, like graham cracker-infused oat milk and bittersweet chocolate sauce made with reishi mushroom. A place you’ll almost definitely want to set up camp and get comfy for a few hours, you’ll also find an endless array of delicious treats, including Eggnog Scones and Peppermint Chocolate Shortbreads. Camber’s whole focus is to create drinks “in pursuit of sweetness, complexity, and balance,” which accurately sums up all of their roasts. Not sure where to start? The Camber Collection brings together five of the finest.

Publik Coffee - Salt Lake City, Utah Publik Coffee, Salt Lake City, Utah
Credit: Publik Coffee, Salt Lake City, Utah by Publik Coffee

Publik Coffee - Salt Lake City, Utah

You’ll find Publik Coffee in three locations around Salt Lake City, Utah. This small-batch coffee roaster grew quickly after the announcement of its flagship store and is renowned for minimizing waste and focusing on taste. The coffee here comes from all over the world, ranging from earthy, rich Guatemalan offerings to fruity numbers from the Democratic Republic of Congo and sweet flavors from Ethiopia. Looking for all of the fun but none of the caffeine? Give the Marmalade Decaf a go for the sweetest, orangiest, creamiest coffee you’ll ever try. Publik is a big believer in planet over profit, which is why its roastery is 100% solar-powered.

Day Glow - Chicago, Illinois Day Glow - Chicago, Illinois
Credit: Day Glow - Chicago, Illinois by Day Glow Chicago

Day Glow - Chicago, Illinois

Dayglow has locations in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and once you’ve tried its worldwide array of coffees, you’ll see why it’s so popular. This dog-friendly coffee shop focuses on Scandinavian coffee with an atmosphere to match. While it’s not so much of a hidden secret any longer, Dayglow is definitely still a gem in the coffee world. Its bright and colorful surroundings promise to wake you up on a Monday morning while you’re waiting for your next cup with beans from Barcelona, Denmark, Colombia, or further.

Cocoa Cinnamon - Durham, North Carolina Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham, North Carolina
Credit: Cocoa Cinnamon, Durham, North Carolina by Cocoa Cinnamon

Cocoa Cinnamon - Durham, North Carolina

As you might guess from its name, Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham, North Carolina, serves up more than just coffee. A triple threat to brunch spots all around, you’ll find incredible latte art, crunchy, sugary churros and delicious coffee served up each time you walk through the doors. This award-winning coffee shop has three locations throughout North Carolina and prides itself on all the little things. Latina co-owned and inspired by coffee from around the world, Cocoa Cinnamon is a top choice for coffee that makes you think rather than just sip. It’s independently owned and names its roasts and drinks after places that inspire wonder, have cultural significance, and after people and places that it loves.

Giv Coffee - Canton, Connecticut Giv Coffee, Canton, Connecticut
Credit: Giv Coffee, Canton, Connecticut by Giv Coffee

Giv Coffee - Canton, Connecticut

You might have heard of Giv Coffee before, even if you’re not a Canton local. This coffee shop is all about giving back to the people who work in the industry, which means a chunk of their profits goes directly back to their suppliers. Giv Coffee co-owners Jeff and Emily began roasting in 2011 at farmer’s markets before setting up camp in Canton in 2015. Since then, they’ve been highlighted in Food & Wine magazine and raised plenty of money for those in need. As well as the delicious coffee, you’ll also find a locally famous gluten-free bakery here.

Slow by Slow - Boise, Idaho Slow by Slow Coffee Bar - Boise, Idaho
Credit: Slow by Slow Coffee Bar - Boise, Idaho by Slow by Slow Coffee Bar

Slow by Slow - Boise, Idaho

If you’re a coffee lover who’s always looking for something new, look no further than Slow by Slow in Boise, Idaho. Known for releasing 15 new coffees each month, this is a top spot for widening your knowledge about the industry without having to venture further than your new favorite coffee shop. Slow by Slow hosts coffee-tasting experiences for those looking to level up their knowledge, too. Expect a range of ongoing collaborations with fun, colorful packaging to match. It’s arguably the most fun place to learn more about coffee with all of the taste and none of the pretentiousness.

Narrative Coffee Roasters - Naples, Florida Narrative Coffee Roasters
Credit: Narrative Coffee Roasters by Narrative Coffee Roasters

Narrative Coffee Roasters - Naples, Florida

Narrative Coffee Roasters in Naples, Florida, is all about seasonal coffees, which means new options to try throughout the year. The coffee shop first opened in 2017 as a local specialty roaster before branching out with a mobile espresso cart as well as a coffee trike to ensure everyone in Naples can access delicious mugs in mere minutes. Narrative Coffee sources its single-origin coffee from the finest farms and roasts them in its own unique way to ensure a coffee quite unlike any other. This endlessly friendly shop is the type of place where you’ll walk in as a stranger and out with a new friend, thanks to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere and the brilliant coffee to match. 

Cafe du Monde - New Orleans, Louisiana Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana
Credit: Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana by Cafe du Monde

Cafe du Monde - New Orleans, Louisiana

Okay, Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana, isn’t really a big secret, but it’s one of the best coffee shops in the world. Its popularity is definitely justified, and this stunning open-air coffee shop is well-deserving of all of its attention. The Original Cafe Du Monde Coffee Stand was opened in 1862 in the New Orleans French Market, and the current set-up has kept some of the original perks. Famed for its original Beignet (Louisiana’s state donut) served with a rich black coffee, Cafe Du Monde has a short menu that proves that quality is superior to quantity. If you’re looking for fancy latte art and unusual flavors, move on. If you want good quality, strong coffee, stop by!

Cuvée - Austin, Texas Cuvée, Austin, Texas
Credit: Cuvée, Austin, Texas by Cuvée

Cuvée - Austin, Texas

Cuvée Coffee founder Mike McKim started making coffee as a hobby before investing his savings in launching his own coffee shop. Nowadays, Texas’ Cuvée Coffee is well-loved by locals and those passing through. This is the place to check out if you’re all about innovation and new ideas. Cuvée Coffee custom-dials every roast to enhance each unique bean. It also pioneered Nitro Cold Brew in a widget-activated Nitro can and then went on to build the world’s coolest cold brewery. Cuvée Coffee was credited as the pioneer of specialty coffee in Texas and has kept that well-deserved title ever since.

Orchard Coffee - Waynesville, North Carolina Orchard Coffee, Waynesville, North Carolina
Credit: Orchard Coffee, Waynesville, North Carolina by Orchard Coffee

Orchard Coffee - Waynesville, North Carolina

When we say Orchard Coffee in Waynesville, North Carolina, is a specialty coffee shop, that’s not something to be taken lightly. Its owner, Cabell Tice, has won the World Latte Art Championship three times, which means every cup here comes decorated with something you’d probably pay good money for in an art gallery. A top spot with locals, Orchard Coffee is the kind of place you’ll turn up for a quick cup of Joe before ordering a pastry, then flicking through the food menu and, before you know it, you’ve spent all morning there.

Artifact Coffee - Baltimore, Maryland Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, Maryland
Credit: Artifact Coffee, Baltimore, Maryland by Artifact Coffee

Artifact Coffee - Baltimore, Maryland

You’ll find Artifact Coffee in Baltimore, Maryland, in a reclaimed factory building, which means there’s always something interesting to look at while you’re enjoying your cup. For those who love the details, you’ll find the names of Artifact’s exact sources for their beans on every menu, with regular updates to both the food and drink selection. Each coffee comes with a highlight reel of its flavor notes as well as its country of origin and a few different serving methods. Their food menu, which changes with the seasons, is also well worth some pondering over while you sip.

Black Bear Coffee House - Denali Park, Alaska Black Bear Coffee House
Credit: Black Bear Coffee House by Black Bear Coffee House

Black Bear Coffee House - Denali Park, Alaska

Much like bears hibernate each winter, Black Bear Coffee House in Denali Park, Alaska, is open on a part-time basis throughout the year. This independent small business sits in the heart of Denali and is regularly called the best coffee shop in Alaska. Here, you’ll find locally roasted coffees from SteamDot Coffee Co. as well as directly traded coffees with real stories from farmers and co-ops all over the world. Feeling peckish? Check out the in-house bakery to find rustic pastries and plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. And don’t forget those gorgeous views all around, of course.

Sambalatte - Las Vegas, Nevada Sambalatte
Credit: Sambalatte by Sambalatte

Sambalatte - Las Vegas, Nevada

Sambalatte in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers an array of delicious specialty coffees with seasonally inspired signature drinks popping up throughout the year. With its bright, comfortable atmosphere and modern design aesthetic, Sambalatte provides a wonderful backdrop to enjoy a sustainably sourced coffee and a pastry. Not only does Sambalatte roast its own beans in small batches, but its coffee beans also have traceability from the harvest until they arrive at the store. While most of its beans are sourced from Brazil, this Vegas-based shop sources speciality beans from further afield from some of the best micro lots available. Sambalatte is also known for being an eco-conscious business that’s eco-friendly, sustainable, green, organic, and local, with a solid recycling program in place.

Domestique Coffee - Birmingham, Alabama Domestique Coffee, Birmingham, Alabama
Credit: Domestique Coffee, Birmingham, Alabama by Domestique Coffee

Domestique Coffee - Birmingham, Alabama

Domestique is part of what the industry calls the third-wave coffee movement – which considers coffee as an artisanal food, similar to wine. Calling itself a lifestyle company rather than just a coffee shop, this is a place that goes back to the basics and does it all very well. Founded on the idea of “easy access to high-quality coffee,” Domestique serves up unpretentious, simple coffee that ticks all the boxes no matter whether you fancy a quick espresso or a longer drink. This stylish coffee shop uses a fluid-bed roaster, which offers a more nuanced flavor of the beans than your standard cup and serves up some of the best nitro cold brew and whole-bean coffee available.

Please & Thank You - Louisville, Kentucky Please & Thank You, Louisville, Kentucky
Credit: Please & Thank You, Louisville, Kentucky by Please & Thank You

Please & Thank You - Louisville, Kentucky

Head to Please & Thank You in Kentucky if you’re looking for coffee served with a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and some great tunes in the background. This coffee shop is a fusion of atmosphere and plays host to a music store, too. As well as its ever-buzzing atmosphere and perpetual cycle of events, Please & Thank You posts its cookies around the US for the wider country to enjoy. Please & Thank You is often considered one of the best cafes in Louisville, Kentucky, and is ideal for vinyl recommendations, making new music-loving friends, and of course, sitting down with a great mug of coffee.

Kid Dream Coffee - Beverly, Massachusetts Kid Dream
Credit: Kid Dream by Kid Dream

Kid Dream Coffee - Beverly, Massachusetts

Kid Dream Coffee, in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a newer addition to the US coffee scene but wasted no time getting set up and impressing the wider community. Run by a husband and wife team who’ve been in the coffee industry for the better part of the last 10 years, Kid Dream Coffee prides itself on its friendly atmosphere: a place where you can feel at home, talk to real human beings, and feel like you have the freedom to be yourself. This small, neighborhood-focused coffee bar in downtown Beverly started out as a Kickstarter project, which secured its funding from its community and grew into one of the most underrated coffee shops around town.

Cafe Volan - Asbury Park, New Jersey Cafe Volan, Asbury Park, New Jersey
Credit: Cafe Volan, Asbury Park, New Jersey by Cafe Volan

Cafe Volan - Asbury Park, New Jersey

Cafe Volan in Asbury Park, New Jersey, is one of the coolest coffee shops around. Walk in to admire its plant-filled corners, unique artwork, and endlessly impressive appeal. This is a place you’ll sip on a coffee while admiring a pop-up art gallery or waiting for a book signing from an up-and-coming author. The coffee here comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the standard espresso to the “Coconut Ginger Iced Shaker” made with cold brew and the Orange Honey coffee to keep your sweet tooth at bay. Finish your visit with the famous pumpkin toast or a delicious, chocolate-heavy pastry.

Cutbow Coffee - Albuquerque, New Mexico Cutbow Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Credit: Cutbow Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico by Cutbow Coffee

Cutbow Coffee - Albuquerque, New Mexico

One of the unique qualities of Cutbow Coffee in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is its coffee color chart, which lets you customize your drink to your exact preferences. None of that “milk or black” nonsense over here! Offering roastology rather than just straight-up coffee, Cutbow Coffee’s roasting room and coffee bar provide the perfect backdrop for connoisseurs of all levels. Baristas here never stop learning, regularly undergoing coffee-based training and secret taste tests to ensure they’re serving up the best of the best. New Mexico’s own Paul Gallegos personally batch-roasted over 70 million pounds of Peet’s Coffee before starting Cutbow, so you could say he’s a man with plenty of experience.

Abraco - New York City, New York Abraco, NYC, New York
Credit: Abraco, NYC, New York by Abraco

Abraco - New York City, New York

You don’t want to visit Abraco in the East Village, NYC, New York if you’re in a rush. This bustling coffee shop almost always has a queue snaking out the door, full of those in the know who appreciate that the espresso here is something special. Preferring to keep things simple, Abraco famously hasn’t changed its menu since 2007 and only serves organic whole milk and half&half, as well as evaporated cane sugar. Its delicious coffee is house-roasted and its house-made organic pastries change daily, so it’s always a fun surprise to choose your accompanying dessert each visit. The only problem? You’ll find yourself wanting to return every day.

Gilly Brew Bar - Atlanta, Georgia Gilly Brewing Co.
Credit: Gilly Brewing Co. by Gilly Brewing Co.

Gilly Brew Bar - Atlanta, Georgia

Gilly Brew Bar is located in the historic Mayor’s House in Stone Mountain and is owned by a husband and wife team with all of the knowledge. This black-owned coffee bar started its life in a 200-year-old house built by slaves before being renovated by owners Daniel and Shellane Brown and turned into an ever-so-welcoming community space. Its eclectic menu features coffees with flavors of mint, lime, and rosemary, amongst many other things. Despite its extensive coffee menu, Gilly Brew Bar very firmly calls itself “not a coffee shop,” preferring to serve up ‘elixirs’ and other unusual drinks that you’ll rarely – if ever – see sold elsewhere.

Dandy Lion Coffee - Denver, Colorado Dandy Lion Coffee, Denver, Colorado
Credit: Dandy Lion Coffee, Denver, Colorado by Dandy Lion Coffee

Dandy Lion Coffee - Denver, Colorado

Love to pair your coffee with a peaceful setting? Head to Dandy Lion Coffee to find the usual combination of coffee and horticulture. This half plant shop half coffee joint is known for its weird and wonderful flavor combinations served up with a vibrant backdrop and the chance to walk away with a new houseplant. Dandy Lion’s craft coffee also includes a longer milk menu than your standard coffee shop, with options like the traditional Vietnamese condensed milk through to lesser-spotted ideas like toffee-nut and macadamia milk. If the neon lights and vibrant greenery don’t convince you to pop in, the great coffee should.

Magnolias Sous Le Pont - Dallas, Texas Magnolias Sous Le Pont, Dallas, Texas
Credit: Magnolias Sous Le Pont, Dallas, Texas by Magnolias Sous Le Pont, Dallas, Texas

Magnolias Sous Le Pont - Dallas, Texas

Looking for the best coffee shop in Dallas, Texas is no mean feat – this thriving city is filled with brilliant opportunities for caffeination. Magnolias Sous Le Pont takes the crown as our top spot with its beautiful teal blue, French-inspired decor and delicate ingredients to match. As well as all of the standard offerings you’d expect from a coffee shop, you’ll find lattes flavored with the likes of lavender, rose, elderflower and vanilla. Its French inspiration is carried throughout the rest of the café: Sous Le Pont means “Under the Bridge” in French, and this coffee shop is located under the bridge of 2727 in the Harwood District.

Morning Glass - Honolulu, Hawaii Morning Glass, Honolulu, Hawaii
Credit: Morning Glass, Honolulu, Hawaii by Morning Glass

Morning Glass - Honolulu, Hawaii

Morning Glass in Honolulu, Hawaii, often comes out on top when looking for the best coffee in Hawaii. It’s virtually impossible to walk past this coffee shop without catching a glimpse of their oversized, chocolate-covered, freshly baked scones and pastries. Famed almost as much for its goodies as it is for its coffee, it’s practically a crime to visit Morning Glass without sitting yourself down and ordering one of each. The coffee here comes with cute names like “London smog,” with plenty of variety to suit all tastes. It’s also tucked away from the touristy parts of the city, making it less crowded than its Australian-quality coffee would suggest.

Roasting Plant - Detroit, Michigan Roasting Plant Coffee
Credit: Roasting Plant Coffee by Roasting Plant Coffee

Roasting Plant - Detroit, Michigan

“Coffee made to order” doesn’t really cut it when it comes to Roasting Plant. Here, every cup is brewed to order from any bean or custom blend in less than a minute, ensuring a uniquely-brewed cup is served up almost instantly. While it has branches across the United States and further afield, its state-of-the-art system roasts its coffee in micro-batches in every store and transports beans through tubes using air or pneumatics. Hailing from the Lower East Side in NYC before stretching far and wide, Roasting Plant is definitely worth a trip while you’re in Minneapolis, Detroit, Denver, or anywhere else with a branch nearby!

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