Top coffee shops in the United States require a level of uniqueness, and most certainly artisan quality, to stand out amongst the crowd these days. Georgia is concentrated with craft coffee creators that not only execute lattes and bean roasting seamlessly but also offer an array of treats and snacks. The following coffee shops have that extra edge that makes them worth a detour. House baked cakes, sustainably sourced beans, richly brewed drinks, and an alluring atmosphere has earned these establishments a spot on Georgia’s best coffee shops list.


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Drip-Thru Coffee, Multiple Locations Drip-Thru Coffee
Drip-Thru Coffee

Drip-Thru Coffee, Multiple Locations (Nearby Hotels)

Drip-Thru Coffee has two locations in Georgia, College Park, which is near the Atlanta airport, and Stockbridge. Built to resemble the drive-up coffee shacks in the Northwest, Drip-Thru is totally unique in the South. Not only is it fun to make a run to this pint-sized shop, but the coffee is also sustainably sourced from fair trade growers and deliciously roasted locally. All the classics are handcrafted to order, and the smoothies and specialty seasonal drinks are all served in compostable cups.

Good Karma Coffee House, Avondale Estates Good Karma Coffee House
Credit: Karyn Wofford
Good Karma Coffee House

Good Karma Coffee House, Avondale Estates (Nearby Hotels)

Good Karma Coffee House is located in the craftsman themed Atlanta neighborhood, Avondale Estates. So simple on the exterior you might miss it, the little establishment delivers big time on the inside. Organic, intricately noted coffees rotate daily, and of course, are used in lattes and other hot or cold caffeine indulgences. Good Karma is allergy-free, so you won’t find dairy, nut or gluten products here. Lattes, and the heavenly delicious cinnamon rolls and other baked goods, are safe for those with Celiacs or other allergies.

Lucy Lu’s Coffee Cafe, Jackson Lucy Lu's Demogorgon drink
Lucy Lu's Demogorgon drink

Lucy Lu’s Coffee Cafe, Jackson (Nearby Hotels)

Lucy Lu’s Coffee Shop is located off the beaten path, in the little ole town of Jackson. The shop was at first an unusual attribute for a location offering few artisanal treats but is now joined by a quaint yogurt shop and brick oven pizza kitchen. Lucy Lu’s kept the aesthetics of the historic-industrial building in which it resides, with brick walls, wooden floors and metal accents included. Since Melvald’s and Radio Shack from Stranger Things sits across the street from the Lucy Lu’s, you better bet they have some “killer” themed drinks like the “The Upside Down”, bloody red “Demogorgon” and the waffle topped “011”. Round it out with a southern pimento cheese sandwich or freshly baked blueberry biscuit.

Queen Bee Coffee Company, McDonough Queen Bee Coffee Company
Queen Bee Coffee Company

Queen Bee Coffee Company, McDonough (Nearby Hotels)

Queen Bee Coffee Company is adorably set in a cottage off the McDonough Square, and they roast all their fair trade, organic, bird-friendly, rain forest certified beans onsite in a small batch drum. So yes, inside the cozy shop smells incredible. They know their farmers on a first-name basis and even drill wells in countries in need of a clean water source. So come snuggle up with a book and giant hot latte inside, or come on a night where they host a live musician in the eclectic outdoor space. Keep in mind, Queen Bee is closed on Sunday and Monday.

White Birch Provisions, Clayton White Birch Provisions
White Birch Provisions

White Birch Provisions, Clayton (Nearby Hotels)

White Birch Provisions is located in the North Georgia Mountains, in quaint Clayton, and is an overall great place to stop for local goodies. Coffee beans are roasted just outside of Atlanta and make for some smooth, bold espresso drinks. An in house baker crafts biscuits, pastries and other treat daily. Wines and local cheeses are available in the farm room for a charcuterie snack after or before your pick me up.

The Foundery Coffee Pub, Savannah The Foundry
The Foundry

The Foundery Coffee Pub, Savannah (Nearby Hotels)

The Foundery Coffee Pub resembles everything about an English pub, but coffee fills in for the booze. Operating as a nonprofit, the main goal is to engage and connect the community—it’s a captivating environment with locally roasted coffee beverages like Cortados and Cuban Con Leches. Rishi teas are an added bonus. Don’t forget the pastries!

Cafe Rothem, Duluth Cafe Rothem
Credit: Cafe Rothem
Cafe Rothem

Cafe Rothem, Duluth (Nearby Hotels)

Cafe Rothem in Duluth exudes an interesting elegance with its welcoming atmosphere and creative brews and treats. Enjoy watching an old fashioned siphon drip filter your coffee right at the table, or try a green plum tea slushy—both traditional and refreshingly different drinks fill the menu. Food items include a variety of unbelievable waffles stuffed with ingredients like brown sugar and chopped nuts. Munch on sandwiches, rice bowls and mammoth Korean shaved ice with elaborate toppings while reading a book from the several surrounding shelves, or attending a live poetry reading.

The Rook and Pawn, Athens The Rook and Pawn
The Rook and Pawn

The Rook and Pawn, Athens (Nearby Hotels)

The Rook and Pawn has many great contenders in Athens, but comes out on top with its atmosphere and food. Proclaimed as a board game cafe, you better bet there’s an abundance of fun classics to play with friends while enjoying a tasty drink. To be specific, around 400 tabletop games are there for the taking. Sip on the “Darth” Roast, or medium-strength Checkmate, which can be crafted into a variety of coffee house classics. Food selections are extensive, from hearty avocado, or grilled cheese sammies, to cheese plates and gluten-free desserts.

Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party, Atlanta Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party
Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party

Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party, Atlanta (Nearby Hotels)

Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party takes the cake thanks to its snug and eccentric environment of mismatched decor, which remains whimsically elegant. Known for the high tea experience with dainty English snacks and teas, the coffee stands center stage as well. Roasted at French Truck Coffee Co, the drip coffee has a full, rounded flavor and pairs equally as well with quiches and scones. Dr. Bombay’s is so incredibly playful and unusual, you’ll leave feeling as if you’ve dined with the Mad Hatter.

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