There is no denying that homegrown beef from Texas is some of the best meat around. Therefore Texas is home to iconic burgers that have been pleasing Texans for years. All of the burgers on this list are delicious. Some burgers below are unique creations while others are simply your classic burger made to perfection. Never be disappointed in a burger again when you visit one of these Texas burger joints below.


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Tookie’s Burgers

Tookie’s Burgers

This list starts strong with a burger from Tookie’s. It’s no secret now that this Seabrook restaurant makes some of the best burgers in Texas. Any burger you choose from Tookie’s menu is sure to please your taste buds. However the #99 Champion rises above the rest; it’s marinated in wine and topped with cheddar cheese and onions. The Southern BBQ burger is another crowd favorite, which is marinated with barbecue sauce and topped with even more sauce and an onion ring. Drooling yet?

Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat

It’s hard to say which burger is the best here at Rodeo Goat. This Fort Worth burger joint shies away from your mundane burger. Adventurous eaters unite here, since the burger menu is unique, eclectic and amazingly delicious. The Telluride Burger gets rave reviews, as it’s made with green chile chutney, roasted poblano goat cheese and Hatch green chiles. However the Chaca Oaxaca burger is what Tex-Mex lovers crave, with a patty made from beef and chorizo and topped with pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado and fried egg.

Coyote Bluff Cafe

Coyote Bluff Cafe

This small burger cafe in Amarillo serves up half-pound burgers made from lean ground beef. Coyote Bluff Cafe has only grown in popularity these past few years, especially since its appearance on the television show Man Vs. Food. One of the most popular burgers here is the “Burger from Hell.” This sizzling burger comes with “hell sauce,” Tabasco, grilled onions and sauteed jalapenos. It’s so good that it may bring a tear to your eye (or the flavorful heat may be responsible for that).

Perini Ranch Steakhouse

Perini Ranch Steakhouse

After driving to Perini Ranch Steakhouse, you’re sure to build up an appetite. This steakhouse is about 25 minutes outside of Abilene. Even though it’s not in a big city, expect gourmet flavors from a burger from Chef Perini. Made with quality Angus beef, topped with mushrooms, chiles and perfectly melted cheese, this mouthwatering burger deserves all the bragging rights as one of the best burgers in the Lone Star State.

Hubcap Grill Burgers by Hubcap Grill
Credit: Hubcap Grill
Burgers by Hubcap Grill

Hubcap Grill

Hubcap Grill’s burgers are so good that four locations have sprung up in the Houston area. Now, Houston is far away from Philadelphia, however locals rave about the Philly Cheese Steak Burger from Hubcap Grill. This burger has a beef patty topped with thinly-sliced ribeye, grilled onions and peppers, mayo and melted Swiss cheese. If you’re up in the challenge and have an appetite that just won’t quit, try the Hubcap Decker, a double patty cheeseburger.

Counter Cafe Burger at Counter Cafe
Credit: Counter Cafe
Burger at Counter Cafe

Counter Cafe

For those who are looking for a solid burger in Austin, head to Counter Cafe. Grass-fed beef is used in every burger made here. However it seems that the bun, made by a local bakery, is what keeps getting rave reviews, since its perfect sweetness mixes well with the burger’s beefy interior. The Counter Burger is what you should aim for here, it’s simple but sometimes a burger doesn’t need anything more than beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

The Grape Restaurant Bacon burger at The Grape Restaurant
Bacon burger at The Grape Restaurant

The Grape Restaurant

This illusive burger from The Grape has locals craving it more than just the days it’s available. However this burger is only on the menu during Sundays and Mondays. Made with locally-sourced ingredients, this gorgeous burger topped with white cheddar cheese, pepper bacon and sour pickles is everything that is right about a classic cheeseburger.

Chris Madrid’s Burger at Chris Madrid's
Credit: Chris Madrid's
Burger at Chris Madrid's

Chris Madrid’s

Texans flock to Chris Madrid’s for Tex-Mex-infused burgers in San Antonio. Now not all of the seven burgers have Tex-Mex flavor, but the ones that do are worth a taste. The Tostada Bean Burger is no doubt one of the most popular items on the menu. Topped with homemade refried beans, homemade salsa, tortilla chips and onions, your eyes will question what you’re eating but your tastebuds will love every bite. Along with this unique burger, try the Porky’s Delight, made with bacon, or the Flaming Jalapeno burger that serves a spicy kick.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar Burgers at Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Burgers at Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy now has a number of locations around the state of Texas, and for good reason. This artisan burger joint creates unique burger concoctions for both carnivores and vegetarians alike. No matter what burger you choose, it’s sure to be a hit. However the Texas-themed burgers will undoubtedly leave you feeling full and satisfied. Chile con carne and Fritos are found in the Terlingua burger, while poblano peppers and pepper jack make the Llano Poblano burger absolutely delicious.

Keller’s Drive-In Burger at Keller's Drive-In
Burger at Keller's Drive-In

Keller’s Drive-In

Keller’s Drive-In is a Dallas tradition. For over 50 years, Keller’s has been serving burgers with an iconic poppy seed bun. As one of the most affordable and delicious burgers on this list, Keller’s Drive-In is a must-visit when you’re in the area. Don’t expect anything too fancy, but do expect a juicy burger to please your appetite.

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