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Jennifer Tzeses

Stories by Jennifer

Off the Beaten Path

6 Reasons You Should Definitely Visit Virginia Beach This Fall

By Jennifer Tzeses | Sep 23, 2019

Famed for its scenic sandy shores, acres of lush parkland, and cultural charm, Virginia Beach is a multi-faceted year-round retreat.…

Warm-Weather Refuge

The Best Beaches in Bermuda to Extend Your Summer

By Jennifer Tzeses | Aug 29, 2019

Sun-kissed skin, dips in the pool and cocktails. Don’t you wish summer could last forever? While that might not be…

Island Haven

10 Ways Bermuda is a One-of-a-Kind Beach Destination

By Jennifer Tzeses | Jun 13, 2019

Pink sand beaches, pastel buildings, charming historic towns — Bermuda offers 21 square miles of vacation perfection. Three diverse regions,…

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