Arabia Mountain sets in metro Atlanta, within Lithonia, and is one of two monadnock peaks in the Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve. Stone Mountain is in the same monadnock category, as it also protrudes abruptly from the earth. Arabia Mountain and the surrounding area is a Georgia gem right off of I-20 and is quite close to Atlanta. Take the short drive and you’ll feel like your spending the day in another world.


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The 954-foot peak, along with the nature preserve, is a part of the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area, which is an official National Heritage Area shining light on the significant history and culture tied to Lithonia. Protecting also the South River and Monastery of the Holy Spirit, trails have been developed so visitors can enjoy the beautiful land on foot or bike. Historic homes, farms and ruins still stand, and you can visit the Flat Rock Archives to immerse in the African American culture that’s rooted here.

The PATH Foundation is responsible for creating the 30-mile paved trail that connects major Lithonia points, like Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, Panola Mountain State Park and Downtown. A gorgeous bridge extends over the river and is wide enough to accommodate park traffic, as there are many breathtaking stretches. Convenient and scenic, this path serves as the veins of the Heritage Area.

Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area
Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area

Endangered plant species grow on Arabia’s unusual terrain—most predominantly the fiery-hued Diamorpha plant. Bright green, aquatic black-spored Quillwort peeks out of the little ponds on Arabia, as does Diamorpha, and it’s an incredible spectacle unique to this monadnock. Made of migmatite, similar but not the same as granite, Arabia’s stone was used on significant buildings, including the S. Naval Academy, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Atlanta sidewalks, to name a few. Tidal Grey, the official name used for the rock, is not only durable, but people loved the aesthetic appeal of its swirly patterns.

Admission is free, and the preserve is open from sunrise to sunset. Visitors can bring their pups as well!

Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve
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