Through Georgia’s warmers months, up to ten food trucks gather on Old Roswell Street on Thursdays, from 5pm-9pm, to create the Alpharetta Food Truck Alley. Every week, it’s like a big foodie party with games and live music. The season opens in spring, you can check here for dates. A different Thursday means a different selection of trucks, and these are some of the tastiest eats to keep an eye out for.


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Cattywampus Grill (Nearby Hotels)

It’s hard to miss Cattyampus’ black and neon pink truck, which is fortunate because they have some stellar quirky combos. From pork belly beef burgers to the vibrant pink waffle chicken sandwich with syrup chive mayo, these southern creations, with a modern twist, meet all expectations.

Cousins Maine Lobster (Nearby Hotels)

Just when you thought one could only get a perfect lobster roll in New England or Key West, Cousins Maine Lobster further expanded their booming sustainable lobster business to Atlanta. A traditional Maine roll comes with a touch of mayo on the chunks of real lobster meat, and the Connecticut version is topped with butter and lemon—either is the right choice.

Dominic's on the Bayou (Nearby Hotels)

Natural New Orleans-style snow cones made with syrups crafted from local fruit? Yes, please. Dominic’s operates out of a Shasta-like camper which has been converted into the cutest food truck—it’s easy to spot. Seasonal flavors come and go, but there’s no real wrong choice. Fluffy ice, a sweet syrup made from juicy fruit, all topped with a scoop of sweet cream makes for a light, yet satisfying treat you can feel good about giving the kids, and eating yourself.

Not as Famous Cookie Co. Not as Famous Cookie Co.
Not as Famous Cookie Co.

Not as Famous Cookie Co. (Nearby Hotels)

Yes, the concept centers around cookies, darn good ones. Simply eat the fresh baked treat solo, or go for a deep dish smothered in decadent ice cream. After tasting the enormous cookie sandwiches oozing frozen, creamy goodness, regular ice cream sandwiches will never be good enough, and your sweet tooth will be destroyed.

Daddy Obrien's Daddy Obrien's
Daddy Obrien's

Daddy Obrien's (Nearby Hotels)

Daddy O’Brien’s stationary restaurant concocts a copious amount of creative and often boozy frozen masterpieces—their food truck is no exception. Who loves whiskey and lemonade? Well, the Jack Daniels Lemon Sorbet is about to blow your mind. Even persistent whiskey haters fall in love with the light, refreshing frozen cocktail.

The Blaxican (Nearby Hotels)

Tastes from Mexico meet soul food—the Mexy Mac and Cheese and Collards Quesadilla have us baffled that these ingredient combinations aren’t more prevalent. The owner and visionary believed the eye-catching name described his culinary style—Buffalo  Chicken and Smoked Sausage Tacos are a drool-worthy fusions and will leave your taste buds swooning.

The Deep South Biscuit Co. (Nearby Hotels)

Gourmet biscuits with southern flare—that’s The Deep South Biscuit Co. Here, Ricky Bobby is more than a fictional race car driver, because a legendary biscuit also carries the name. Fried chicken and crispy bacon are smothered with sausage gravy, then pulled together with a made-from-scratch biscuit. Meaty, indulgent, and as delicious as it sounds, it’s worth the extra cardio sessions. House-made pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, Siracha slaw, peach pepper jam, smoked brisket with cherry cola barbecue sauce and bacon jam offer a glimpse into the other creative biscuits available.

Happy Belly (Nearby Hotels)

Named one of the Top 10 Healthiest Food Trucks in the US, offering “feel good food”, Happy Belly is a fitting title. Seasonally rotating dishes are perfected on a Green Egg Grill, using Maple Hardwood charcoal for exceptional flavor. All natural, seasonal, fresh local burgers, lobster rolls and salads are favorites. But the Georgian Burger made with short rib brisket, sweet vidalia onions, which are a native Georgia ingredient, cheese, ancho chili sauce and a pillowy bun are out of this world. Crispy Brussels will change your life and can be paired with a delicious Thai sauce.

The French Truck (Nearby Hotels)

Notable for their savory and dessert crepes, The French Truck also makes a killer Beef Bourguignon. Warm, delicate crepes are made by smearing the silky batter, thinly, onto a circular griddle, then a combination of ingredients are folded inside. Something is so satisfying about a savory crepe sandwich stuffed with roasted pork and rosemary ham—these classic Cuban sandwich toppings were destined to be a part of this delicious flavor combo.

Fry Guy

Fry Guy (Nearby Hotels)

Overflowing cones of fries come with an unexpected, but welcomed, variety of dipping sauces like garlic aioli, honey siracha mayo, malt aioli and red curry ketchup. Salmon Fries are topped with coriander smoked salmon, a dreamy creme friache, onions and capers, while Bangkok Fries are sprinkled with lots of peanut goodness, curry mayo, and onion. Classic poutine, fries with bold blue cheese, and the amazing Bacon Fries with bacon, bacon mayo, green onions, and more bacon grace the short but elaborate menu of fried potatoes.

Texas Tacos

Texas Tacos (Nearby Hotels)

What food truck gathering is complete without really good tacos with toasty warm corn or flour tortillas and rustic, authentic toppings? Solid tacos are prepped within the red truck, with your choice of chicken, pork Al Pastor, Carne Asada, pulled pork or veggies. You could go with chips and salsa, but the Texicana or Lime Fries are a modernized, Hispanic adaption of our beloved potato, and they round out a meal of tacos and beer flawlessly.

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