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When venturing off into the great wide world, many travelers abandon their sense of environmental responsibility. To make sure you keep your focus on mother earth, here’s a few helpful hints from a few earth conscious jet-setters.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Research Eco Tourism Options

You’re already on the right track if you’r reading this. One of the most important steps to having a earth friendly vacation is doing your homework. Understanding the effects your travel has on the climate will inspire you to take every action possible to eliminate, or minimize, your carbon footprint.

Find Eco-Friendly Accommodations

You’ll want to find a hotel with a mission to minimize its impact on the environment. There are many more options than there used to be, with many luxury resorts committing to responsible practices. When beginning your search for eco-friendly accommodations, be sure to for these basic practices/policies:

  • A commitment to waste reduction and recycling practices
  • Renewable energy supplies and responsible
  •  Regularly reviewing the environmental policy to meet any new standards
  • Promote environmental awareness to employees and educate them on policies and environmental effects of their work
  • Demonstrate this commitment to patrons
  • Purchase sustainable, re-used or refurbished materials when available
  • Verified by government bodies invested in reducing carbon footprints
  • Partnerships with responsible suppliers and government entities dedicated to reducing carbon emissions

Travel Light

Heavier Planes make a larger carbon footprint. So pack light, and reduce the overall weight of your plane significantly. Go ahead and leave behind that extra pair of shoes and the spare umbrella, your ozone will thank you.

Earth friendly transportation

Local public transport, riding bicycles, local ride share services, and good old fashioned walking is one of the most basic ways to reduce carbon emissions in your daily life. Don’t forget to do the same while on your vacation.


Non-Stop Flights

Make an effort to reduce the carbon footprint left by multiple takeoff’s and landings and wait for a non-stop flight, if possible with your destination.

Pay Attention to Environmental Policy

When heading to a new place, do your research about the policies they’ve implemented in regards to the environment. So remember, when crossing international borders, always reserach common environmental practices of that territory to prepare yourself for the necessary steps to keep the earth clean.

Eco Travel Apps

The booming interest in green methods of travel have enabled tech developers everywhere to hack the difficulty for you, and come up with a solution delivered right to your smart phone. Apps are the future, and the now. So start looking for the best ones!

Avoid Shady Tour Guide Companies

If you elect to go on tour from a professional tour guide, be sure to look over their protocols and practices because it’s possible they are not responsible in the way the manage waste, treat local wildlife, or impact the local ecosystem. Make sure whatever company you choose is in line with responsible practices that don’t obstruct the natural ecosystem.

Don’t Smoke

Please don’t smoke while visiting someone else’s home. If you insist, follow the rules as usual and do it in the designated areas. Crowded tourist areas, areas with a lot of children, train stations and especially animal preserves are the kind of places you should never smoke.

Leave No Trace of Yourself

The definition of a clean trip is to not leave behind any trace you were there, besides leaving a few dollars in the pockets of local businesses. With this in mind, obvious things like not leaving your gum stuck to the wall, not littering and more are important elements when remembering to clean up after yourself.

Respect the “Area Off Limits” Signs

We promise these signs aren’t there just to kill your fun, they have a real purpose. It’s your responsibility to keep the sanctity of the area proud and don’t cross those off limits signs. You could be in an area where the eco system is fragile and your presence could disrupt that, or the integrity of an old landmark might be permanently damaged by your presence.

Spend Dollars Locally

When in a new place, be sure to spend your dollars in local establishments, rather than the massive chain stores you might rely on back home. Be sure to research local businesses when eating out, selecting tour companies, picking up prescriptions, always opt for the little guy instead of the big chain. Tourism is an important part of local economy, and keeping your dollars in small business will boost your trip’s purpose and contribute to its well-being. So, make your trip beneficial to everyone, and keep the dollars “at home.”



Spending a day doing charity work at a local school, orphanage, or nursing home will bring purpose to your visit, enrich the lives of locals, and give you an incomparable sense of gratitude for what you’re going home to.

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