The city of Dallas has announced plans to create the largest urban park in the United States, which will be 11 times larger than the popular Central Park in New York City. This area, known as a nature district, will become the heart of Dallas by connecting the city and transitioning Dallas into a greener future. Although it is set for completion in 2021, parts of the project are currently underway. Dallas residents should rejoice for this new park project, which will improve flooding problems, transportation, and the economy.

Trinity River Park

The 10,000-acre project, worth approximately $600 million, will be developed along the Trinity River. Known as the Trinity River Project, this undertaking began in the early 2000s, and millions of dollars have already been spent creating trails, a golf course, and bridges in the area. However, thanks to a generous donation by Dallas resident Annette Simmons, widow of notable billionaire Harold Simmons, 285 acres of the land along the Trinity River in Dallas will be added to the Trinity River Project, creating the Trinity River Park.

Rendering of Trinity River Park

The greenway will feature modern amenities, such as playgrounds, water fountains, sports fields and a pedestrian overpass. Luckily too, downtown residents of Dallas will only have a 10-minute drive to reach this urban oasis.

Rendering of Trinity River Park

The design of the park is not only meant to improve the aesthetic of Dallas but also its environment. The river corridor of the Trinity River will be maintained for ecological importance and for flood prevention. By acting as a natural, low-lying area to absorb and catch flood water, this urban park reduces the risk of flooding in nearby metropolitan areas.

Rendering of Trinity River Park

This massive urban park will make a positive mark on the city of Dallas and its community once completed. Where everything is bigger in Texas, it comes to no surprise that Dallas will be the home of the biggest urban park in the nation.

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