Texas doesn’t have many waterfalls in the state, but Gorman Falls is a waterfall to boast about. Located in Bend, Texas in Colorado Bend State Park, a visit to Gorman Falls can be made into a perfect weekend trip. Since Gorman Falls does require a hike to reach, a trip to this stunning falls is a way to connect with Texas nature.

Gorman Falls

The hike to Gorman Falls has grown in popularity over the years. This 2.6-mile round-trip trail features an arid, desert environment with little to no shade. Therefore remember to always bring water and stay on the well-traveled path. You will know when the falls are getting close because there are stairs leading the way to the waterfall.

Hike to Gorman Falls

Unlike other Texas falls, this waterfall is off limits to swimming due to its fragile environment. However that doesn’t mean this waterfall isn’t worth the visit. Known as a “living waterfall,” Gorman Falls has grown over time. The 65 feet of cascading water, which feeds into the Colorado River, contains a high concentration of carbon dioxide that runs through the limestone in the area. When the carbon dioxide-rich water touches the limestone, mineral deposits form a rock called travertine. Travertine build-up has caused Gorman Falls to become 650 feet wide and 60 feet thick over a span of millions of years.

Gorman Falls

The layers of travertine will continue to change the size and shape of Gorman Falls. However travertine is soft and easily destroyed, and that is why foot traffic near and on Gorman Falls is prohibited. For anyone wanting to preserve this incredible area of Texas, please look but do not touch.

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Gorman Falls

Now the trailhead to Gorman Falls is located near the entrance of Colorado Bend State Park. Dogs are allowed on the trail. However do keep in mind that a leash is required for all pooches for the safety of your dog (there are lots of cacti near the trail!) and for the preservation of the area. There are campsites in the park for those wanting an extended stay. And groups can even schedule a free two-hour tour of Gorman Falls for a more in-depth experience of this unique natural wonder.

Texas is full of incredible, natural gems, and Gorman Falls is one of them. This cascading waterfall is a part of the Lone Star State that every Texan should visit.

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