For gun aficionados and war history buffs, DriveTanks provides a one-of-a-kind experience in the Texas hill country. Often referred to as a military museum, DriveTanks is so much more than that. Visitors pay to shoot military artillery, drive and shoot from World War II tanks, or even handle a flamethrower. About two hours from San Antonio, DriveTanks is located in Uvalde, Texas on Ox Ranch. This destination is truly unique; there really is nothing else like DriveTanks in the entire world.

Credit: Marc Palumbo
Sherman Tank

One of the best, and literally biggest, features at DriveTanks is a World War II Sherman Tank. Take the tank out for a stroll on the war zone tank course, which allows visitors to drive the tank over cliff drop-offs, streams and even a simulated battlefield experience. Now driving the Sherman tank isn’t cheap, just driving the tank starts at $650. For those who want to shoot the 76 mm canon on the Sherman tank, expect to pay more. But the feeling of shooting such an iconic piece of machinery goes unmatched. For $799, you can even run over a car in the tank, something worth the bragging rights.

Drive Tanks

Don’t think that DriveTanks is just for the high rollers however. DriveTanks tries to make this incredible experience affordable for all. As low as $40, you can shoot a machine gun. In terms of machine guns, DriveTanks has a variety of options for the gun enthusiast, such as an M60 E4, M4 Carbine MG and the popular AK-47.

One thing that should be stressed about the experience at DriveTanks is the fact that the weaponry here is all authentic and real. Some similar companies shoot fake powders, but here at DriveTanks, you will find nothing but the real thing.


Now don’t think that Ox Ranch is simply about machine guns and tanks. If there are people in your party not interested in partaking in DriveTanks, the rest of Ox Ranch is worth exploring. Since Ox Ranch spans 18,000 acres, DriveTanks isn’t the only attraction calling this ranch home. Ox Ranch is actually a hunting ranch that is home to thousands of animals, 50 different species to be exact. Ranch safari tours are offered where you can view giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, buffalo and more exotic animal species.

Drive Tanks

Ox Ranch is truly a unique place to visit in the Texas hill country, and DriveTanks makes this area even more unique. Take an unforgettable ride in a tank and shoot machine guns under a safe environment run by war veterans and artillery enthusiasts at DriveTanks.

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