Willing to go the extra mile for dinner with an incredible view? While there’s always beachfront dining during sunset or a table for two with a majestic mountain view, there’s one dining experience that takes gourmet gastronomy to new heights – literally. It’s called Dinner in the Sky and it’s certainly one for your bucket list.

Dinner in the Sky in London

Dinner in the Sky hoists adventurous diners more than 150 feet in the air to eat an extravagant, multi-course meal while floating over the skyline of major destinations from around the world. The 22-seat dining table is lifted off the ground by a 200-foot crane and guests get a breathtaking view of the city while Sky Chefs prepare decadent cuisine. The experience – from boarding the platform to flight duration and then landing – takes about 85 minutes, but the platform table can be lowered in case of an emergency.

Dinner in the Sky in Toronto, Canada

The aerial dinner concept was created in 2007 in Belgium and just recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary of dangling dinner tables in cities such as Brussels, London, Paris and Dubai. To date, the company has brought “flying dinner tables” to more than 40 countries worldwide, throughout Europe and also in Australia, India, Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Dinner in the Sky

While Dinner in the Sky is the perfect selfie opportunity for daredevil diners, those who aren’t crazy about heights may need a pre-dinner cocktails for a bit of courage. But rest assured, each table has safety harnesses and features specially designed for the unique sky dining experience and the company touts a perfect safety record through a decade of operations.

Dinner in the Sky in Amiens, France

Each Dinner in the Sky location has similar packages for brunch, lunch and dinner, and some even offer sky-high afternoon tea. The company also hosts special events such as private dining with friends, cocktail parties and even wedding receptions for adventurous newlyweds. Businesses and brands can take to the sky for product launches and corporate events too.

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