Walks around the neighborhood and playing fetch in the backyard are nice, but dogs can learn a lot and have a ton of fun at public dog parks. These are wonderful places to socialize your pup with other dogs, let Fido run free without a leash, and meet other dog owners in the community. Whether your dog is small, large, old, young, calm, or crazy, here are some of the very best dog parks to visit in Georgia!

Piedmont Dog Park

Piedmont Dog Park, Atlanta (Nearby Hotels)

One of the hippest and most happening places to be in Georgia if you have a dog is Piedmont Park. This popular city park has a huge dog park area at Piedmont and 10th Street in the Midtown neighborhood. Just walk along the path to the corner of the park and under the bridge to enter the fenced-in area with about three acres of open land. This is a convenient spot for dog owners too, because there benches to sit down and restrooms nearby. This dog park is located at 400 Park Drive Northeast in Atlanta.

Pitner Road Dog Park

Pitner Road Dog Park, Acworth (Nearby Hotels)

There are about two acres of land for dogs to roam free at the Pitner Road Dog Park in Acworth. This off-leash dog park is fenced in and has a separate area for smaller pets to play. Dogs enjoy swimming in the pool and playing in the sprinklers on hot days here. Bring your kids along to this dog park because there’s a playground nearby as well. You’ll find this Acworth dog park at 2450 Pitner Road in town. It’s comforting to pet owners that the dog park is off the main road so there’s less risk of dogs accidentally running out into traffic.

Newtown Dream Dog Park

Newtown Dream Dog Park, Johns Creek (Nearby Hotels)

Located in Johns Creek, this has been rated one of the very best dog parks in the entire nation. When you arrive at Newtown Dream Dog Park, you’ll find about an acre of space that is entirely fenced in and covered with artificial turf. This often helps the dogs not get so dirty and muddy when they play! The dogs that play here also enjoy the water sprinklers, challenging obstacles, and water fountains. There are benches and shelters for dog owners to hang out in when they want to socialize and are not playing with their own pup. There are also separate areas for large and small dogs. Other park features include a walking trail, bridge, hoops, tunnels, and dog waste bags. This dog park is located at 3150 Old Alabama Road in Johns Creek.

Oakhurst Dog Park

Oakhurst Dog Park, Decatur (Nearby Hotels)

The Oakhurst Dog Park is an off-leash place with a fenced dog run in Decatur. Owners can relax on the benches and picnic tables while their dogs burn off some energy. Head to 450 East Lake Drive in Decatur to check out this park. It’s next to the Boys & Girls Club, but don’t park in their lot. Instead, you can park at the Oakhurst Park Third Avenue lot to access the park. Other Decatur dog parks to check out are the Adair Dog Park near the DeKalb History Center’s historic complex and the Glenlake Dog Park at 1121 Church Street. These parks are open to Decatur residents and must be licensed with a current tag.

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Dog Park

Burger Park, Smyrna (Nearby Hotels)

This is the first off-leash park in Smyrna, and it’s near Windy Hill Road and South Cobb Drive. The small dog area here is for pups 30 pounds and smaller, and there is also a large dog area. The other off-leash area in town is the Lake Court Park.

Herty Pines Dog Park

Herty Pines Dog Park, Savannah (Nearby Hotels)

This Savannah dog park is behind the Daffin Park stadium and is a wonderful place to watch your dog run around. There are separate sections for large dogs and small dogs and plenty of water fountains to keep everyone hydrated. Picnic tables are also available for seating. You’ll find this park at 1198 Washington Avenue in Savannah. There is no membership needed to come to this park, and you can usually find parking in the two lots on Washington Road.

Leita Thompson Memorial Park, Roswell (Nearby Hotels)

Roswell is another beautiful Georgia town to visit if you have a dog, especially if you know where to find the Leita Thompson Memorial Park. Located at 1355 Woodstock Road, this off-leash, fenced-in dog park has drinking fountains for both dogs and humans. Also at Leita Thompson Memorial Park, you’ll find fishing opportunities, a garden, walking trails, and free Wi-Fi.

Macon Dog Park

Macon Dog Park, Macon (Nearby Hotels)

The Georgia town of Macon also has a great dog park that is central to downtown. It is well-maintained and has a lovely creek that runs through part of the park with bridges to reach the opposite side. There’s also an agility course here to test your dog’s skills! There are opportunities for dogs to play in the water, which is ideal for hot Georgia days. This park is located at 873 Adams Street in Macon. It’s conveniently located off of I-75, so visiting dog owners like to stop here while traveling through the area, as well as locals who have become regulars here. The park is typically open from sunrise to sunset.

Brook Run Off-Leash Dog Park

Brook Run Off-Leash Dog Park, Dunwoody (Nearby Hotels)

Dunwoody is an Atlanta suburb known for its wooded areas, and the dog park here spans four acres of wooded beauty. This is a great place to come on hot summer days because it is very shaded. There are lots of seating areas, it is fully fenced in, and has water stations throughout the park. Brook Run is a volunteer-run dog park that has separate areas for large dogs and small dogs, as well as poop bag stations. If you live in the area and love dogs, this park also offers opportunities to get involved in the local community. Before or after playtime, you and your pup can also walk along the many trails in the park area to get some more exercise and time to relax. This Dunwoody dog park is located in the Liane Levitan Park at 4770 North Peachtree Road.

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